Startup Showcase: Pharmaleads – Revolutionizing Pain Management with DENKIs

Developing Novel Analgesics for Chronic and Acute Pain

In this Startup Showcase, we take a closer look at Pharmaleads, an emerging pharmaceutical company based in Paris, Ile-de-France, France. The company aims to provide patients suffering from severe chronic and acute pain with improved pain relief without the side effects associated with other classes of analgesics. Pharmaleads’ innovative solution – DENKIs – is a first-in-class drug that targets pain using endogenous enkephalins.

Novel Approach to Pain Management

Pharmaleads has developed a new class of analgesics called DENKIs (Dual Enkephalinases inhibitors), which are small molecules that provide local and sustainable pain relief. DENKIs are designed to specifically bind to pain-related opioid receptors, modulating pain without the side effects observed with exogenous opioid drugs that also bind to other opioids receptors, triggering multiple side effects.

DENKIs work by inhibiting the activity of two enzymes – NEP and APN – which are responsible for degrading endogenous enkephalins. By blocking the activity of these enzymes, DENKIs increase the concentration of endogenous enkephalins, leading to natural pain relief.

Pharmaleads believes that DENKIs have the potential to change the lives of many patients who are in need of improved treatment options for their chronic and/or acute pain. Moreover, DENKIs could offer healthcare providers with an improved pain management option that helps address the opioid epidemic.

Revolutionizing Pain Management

Pharmaleads’ innovative solution to pain management has the potential to revolutionize the field of analgesics. The company’s focus on using endogenous enkephalins to modulate pain represents a novel approach to pain management that could change the way we think about pain relief.

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Moreover, DENKIs have demonstrated high efficacy and safety in preclinical studies, indicating that they could be a viable option for the treatment of chronic and acute pain. Pharmaleads is currently working on advancing its clinical development program for DENKIs, with the aim of bringing this innovative drug to market as soon as possible.

Driving Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaleads is a dynamic and innovative company that is driving change in the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s focus on developing novel analgesics for chronic and acute pain represents an exciting opportunity for patients, healthcare providers, and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole.

Moreover, Pharmaleads’ commitment to innovation is reflected in its team of experienced scientists and professionals who are dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions to address the most pressing needs in healthcare.


Pharmaleads is an emerging pharmaceutical company based in Paris, Ile-de-France, France, that is revolutionizing pain management with its innovative solution – DENKIs. The company’s focus on using endogenous enkephalins to modulate pain represents a novel approach to pain relief that could change the way we think about pain management. Pharmaleads’ commitment to innovation and its team of experienced professionals make it a company to watch in the pharmaceutical industry.




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