Startup Showcase: PExA – A Revolutionary Instrument for Respiratory Disease Research

Respiratory diseases, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), affect millions of people worldwide, and can cause significant morbidity and mortality. Research into these diseases has been hampered by the lack of reliable and non-invasive methods for collecting samples from the small airways of the lungs. Enter PExA, a Swedish startup that has developed a revolutionary instrument for studying respiratory diseases.

Revolutionizing Respiratory Disease Research

PExA develops, produces, and markets a research instrument that allows for the collection of small airway materials, such as particles in exhalation air. This innovative method was developed by Professor Anna-Carin Olin’s research team at the University of Gothenburg University of Technology at the Sahlgrenska Academy of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AMM).

The PExA instrument makes it easy to identify chemical changes in the composition of exhaled particles and identify potential biomarkers for lung diseases. The non-invasive method enables researchers to access a sample from the liquid layer covering the small respiratory tract, providing a simple and non-invasive way to collect microscopic particles for respiratory research.

Advancing Respiratory Health Research

The goal of PExA is to help advance the development of reliable and more individualized diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of respiratory diseases. By providing researchers with a simple and non-invasive method for the collection of microscopic particles, PExA enables them to identify potential biomarkers for diseases in the small respiratory tract. This can help with the development of better diagnostic tests, personalized treatments, and more effective monitoring of disease progression.

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PExA’s instrument has significant potential for the pharmaceutical industry, where it can be used to develop and test new treatments for respiratory diseases. The ability to collect samples from the small respiratory tract using a non-invasive method could lead to more accurate drug testing and fewer side effects.


PExA is a prime example of a startup that is making a significant impact in the field of respiratory disease research. By providing a revolutionary instrument for the collection of samples from the small airways of the lungs, PExA is advancing the development of more reliable and individualized diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of respiratory diseases. The PExA instrument has the potential to significantly impact the pharmaceutical industry, enabling the development and testing of new treatments with greater accuracy and fewer side effects. As the field of respiratory health research continues to grow, PExA is poised to make a significant contribution to improving the lives of millions of people worldwide.




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