Startup Showcase: ParkHere, Revolutionizing Parking Management Solutions

The Munich-Based Innovator Bringing the Future of Parking to Today

Driving Innovation in Parking Solutions

Situated in München, Bayern, Germany, ParkHere has emerged as a specialist in parking management solutions. This high-tech company stands out as a provider of holistic parking solutions and innovative mobility concepts. From developing Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and software products to simplifying and digitizing parking facilities, ParkHere is revolutionizing the way we think about parking.

With an enthusiastic team of 50, ParkHere has already won multiple awards for its advanced technology and unique approach to parking solutions.

Customizable Complete Solutions

ParkHere offers an individually configurable complete solution comprising parking management software, a mobile app, a machine learning-based camera for license plate recognition, and an IoT-enabled access terminal. Whether it’s a billing module, reservation signs, electric charging stations, or floor sensors, ParkHere can meet and exceed all parking management requirements.

Designed primarily for companies that rent or manage larger parking spaces, ParkHere’s products and solutions streamline parking management, resulting in a smoother, more efficient system that saves time and resources.

A Trusted Partner for Global Corporations

ParkHere’s commitment to innovation has earned them the trust of numerous companies worldwide. Global corporations like Telefónica, BMW, and Giesecke + Devrient rely on ParkHere’s digital products for their parking management needs.

Moreover, ParkHere is not just a provider of parking solutions. They are a committed partner that supports innovative parking concepts and takes care of the installation and maintenance of the installed hardware components, ensuring their customers have the most reliable and state-of-the-art parking management system available.

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ParkHere’s commitment to crafting the future of parking management demonstrates their role as a leader in the parking solutions industry. Their ability to transform traditional parking experiences into simplified, digitized systems makes them a pioneer in the field.





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