Startup Showcase: PageFair – Revolutionizing the Web Advertising Landscape

In today’s digital landscape, the rise of adblocking poses significant challenges for website owners and publishers. Recognizing this issue, PageFair, a Dublin-based startup, is at the forefront of re-establishing a fair deal between users and content creators. With their cutting-edge solutions, they enable website owners to detect and measure adblock, protect advertising inventory, and ensure the sustainability of the open web. In this startup showcase, we delve into PageFair’s innovative products and their mission to combat adblocking while providing a seamless user experience.

PageFair Analytics: Unveiling the Extent of Adblocking

At the core of PageFair’s offerings lies their flagship product, PageFair Analytics. Trusted by thousands of publishers worldwide, this free tool provides comprehensive insights into adblock usage, enabling website owners to gauge the impact on their revenue streams. With the ability to measure adblock on over 11 billion pageviews each month, PageFair Analytics empowers publishers to make data-driven decisions and develop effective strategies to tackle adblocking head-on.

PageFair Ads: Overcoming Adblocking Challenges

Recognizing that adblockers hinder revenue generation for publishers, PageFair developed PageFair Ads to address the speed, privacy, and user experience concerns that often trigger adblocking in the first place. By serving advertising in a manner that adblockers are unable to circumvent, PageFair Ads ensures that publishers can deliver their content with unobtrusive, respectful ads. This breakthrough technology strikes a delicate balance between user satisfaction and supporting quality free websites, paving the way for a sustainable ecosystem.

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From Personal Experience to Industry Authority

PageFair’s founders personally witnessed the detrimental effects adblocking can have on websites. Acknowledging the need for users to defend themselves against intrusive and malicious advertising, they recognized that the rise of adblocking threatened the existence of quality free websites. Motivated by this challenge, they established PageFair in 2012, initially funding the venture themselves before receiving additional support from Tribal Ventures, Frontline Ventures, and Enterprise Ireland. Since then, PageFair has become the go-to platform for publishers, providing critical insights and expert guidance to combat adblocking.


PageFair has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of web advertising, revolutionizing how publishers deal with adblocking challenges. With their robust suite of products, including PageFair Analytics and PageFair Ads, they empower publishers to navigate the adblocking landscape effectively while ensuring a seamless user experience. By sustaining the open web through their innovative solutions, PageFair plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of online advertising.




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