Startup Showcase: OMNICOMM – IoT-based Fuel & Fleet Management Solutions

Omnicomm is an online management platform that specializes in manufacturing and developing complete IoT-based fuel and fleet management solutions. The company’s mission is to help businesses manage their fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and fleet efficiency by providing them with innovative, high-precision fuel-level sensors and terminals, displays, and fleet management services.

Fuel and Fleet Management Solutions

Omnicomm’s fleet management solution helps businesses to reduce costs and optimize fleet operations by providing a real-time view of fuel usage, location tracking, driving behavior analysis, and vehicle diagnostics. Their high-precision fuel-level sensors and terminals are designed to work with all types of vehicles, from light passenger cars to heavy trucks and mining equipment. The sensors are equipped with an advanced algorithm that compares the actual permittivity of filled fuel with the baseline permittivity of fuel used during calibration to auto-adjust sensor readings. This ensures accurate and reliable fuel consumption data that is essential for effective fuel management.

Omnicomm’s fuel and fleet management solutions are used by both enterprise and SMB companies working in various industries such as logistics and transportation, passenger transportation, mining, construction, car rental, leasing, agriculture, oil and gas, and others. Their services are delivered through a network of partners, basic resellers, value-added resellers, international fuel service providers, consulting companies, system integrators, and telecom operators with their own IoT SDP platforms.

Omnicomm’s Journey

Founded in 1998, Omnicomm has been developing IoT-based solutions for the fuel and fleet management industry for over two decades. The company has offices in Africa, Brazil, India, Mena, Russia, and is headquartered in Narva, Estonia. Omnicomm has an extensive network of partners worldwide, and their solutions are used in over 120 countries.

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The company has been growing steadily and has gained recognition as one of the leading providers of fuel and fleet management solutions globally. Their innovative technology, high-quality products, and services have earned them numerous awards, including “Best IoT Solution” at the World Communication Awards in 2019.


Omnicomm is a company that is dedicated to providing businesses with innovative and efficient fuel and fleet management solutions. Their IoT-based technology, combined with high-precision fuel-level sensors, terminals, and displays, enable businesses to optimize their fleet operations, reduce fuel consumption, and save costs. The company has been in the industry for over 20 years and has gained extensive experience and expertise in delivering reliable and effective solutions to their customers. With their global presence and network of partners, Omnicomm is well-positioned to serve businesses worldwide.


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