Startup Showcase: My Social Book – Preserving Digital Life in Print

Transforming your social memories into tangible keepsakes

Welcome to another installment of our popular Startup Showcase series, where we shine a light on exciting startups making waves across Europe. This time, we’re featuring My Social Book, a Belgian company that’s revolutionizing the way we immortalize our digital experiences.

Preserving Digital Memories

In the age of social media, our lives are increasingly lived online. But what happens to those precious memories, status updates, and photographs when they become buried under new content? My Social Book has developed a solution: beautifully bound, personalized printed products that bring your social network history to life. Created by founder Nicolas Cazagou, My Social Book utilizes unique technology to transform your digital timeline into a hardcopy collection of memories that you can revisit and share for years to come.

A Pioneer in the Field

Launched in 2011, My Social Book was the first of its kind. Originally named Egobook, the company rebranded to the now widely recognized My Social Book. Over the years, the team has continuously improved their technology and broadened their services, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and excellence in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Making Memories Accessible

My Social Book goes beyond simply printing your social media updates. They understand that every person has a unique life story to tell and aim to make this process of saving it into a permanent legacy fun, easy, and cost-effective. The company has become a global leader in Social Books, with customers across over 20 countries worldwide and books printed in 10 languages.

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My Social Book is an impressive example of a startup that has embraced technology to create a product that connects our digital and physical worlds. By giving customers the chance to preserve their online experiences in a tangible format, they are redefining what it means to make and keep memories in the digital age. The company embodies the innovation and ingenuity that we celebrate in our Startup Showcase.


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