Startup Showcase: Musical Blockchain – The World’s First Psychology-based Creative AI Music Composer and Generative Crypto Art/Digital Art Creator

Musical Blockchain is a multi-awarded startup based in Vilnius, Lithuania. It is the world’s first psychology-based creative AI music composer and generative crypto art/digital art creator. This startup uses unique Psychological Matrix™, compiled with CV-methods and nonstructural data analysis, to create musical patterns and mathematical models for several CNNs. They are then used to create probabilistic graphical models of emotional markers to add human-like performer behavior with various psychological profiles of virtual musicians on the nodes. Musical Blockchain is using blockchain-based Decentralized Improvisation™ with Proof of Harmony (PoH) multi-node consensus algorithm to make their AI music composer and generative crypto art/digital art creator platform more secure, transparent and decentralized.

Innovative AI-Powered Music Composer

Musical Blockchain’s AI music composer is unique and innovative. Unlike other music composition software that are pre-trained on existing music, Musical Blockchain’s composer doesn’t use such models at all. Instead, it uses its Psychological Matrix™ that consists of a database of emotional markers that are used to add human-like performer behavior to the generated music. With its unique approach, Musical Blockchain is able to create music that is relevant to the source of inspiration, making it highly personalized and unique.

Generative Crypto Art/Digital Art Creator

Musical Blockchain’s generative crypto art/digital art creator is another innovative feature that sets it apart from its competitors. Digital art created by Musical Blockchain represents snapshots of the current state of the creation process. It uses machine learning algorithms for data analysis and deep learning of the natural-like inspiration, resulting in highly personalized and unique digital art. Furthermore, they are also creating limited digital tokenized cryptoart NFT edition, which is an innovative way of owning digital art that is unique, scarce, and valuable.

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Recognition and Awards

Musical Blockchain has received numerous awards and recognition for its innovative technology. In 2019, they received the “”Artificial Intelligence Awards”” for the Best AI-Powered Music Composing Solutions Provider by Wealth & Finance International. In 2020, they received the “”Technology Innovator Awards”” for the Most Pioneering AI Technology Company 2020 – Europe by Corporate Vision and the “”Global Excellence Awards”” for the Most Innovative Creative Industry AI Software 2020 by LUX Life Magazine. These awards are a testament to the quality and innovation of their product.

Musical Blockchain is a pioneer in the creative AI industry, offering a unique and innovative approach to music composition and digital art creation. Its use of the latest technologies such as blockchain and machine learning, along with its focus on personalization, makes it a valuable asset for the creative industry. The team behind Musical Blockchain is dedicated to improving and expanding its product, making it a promising startup to watch out for.





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