Startup Showcase: Mobility Tech Green—Driving the Future of Fleet Management

Redefining Sustainable Mobility with Smart Tech Solutions

Welcome back to, where we spotlight the most innovative startups from across Europe. Today’s Startup Showcase features Mobility Tech Green, a Rennes-based company leading the charge in technological solutions for sustainable fleet management.

Pioneering Technological Advances in Mobility

Mobility Tech Green has always been at the forefront of providing innovative tech tools to companies and collectives aiming to improve their vehicle fleets. With an emphasis on sustainable mobility and smarter fleet management, they leverage technology to optimize performance, safety, and resource allocation. The last two years have seen the company go through a significant transformation, courtesy of a €5.5 million funding round in January 2017. This injection of funds enabled Mobility Tech Green to pursue its international ambitions, take on new business partnerships, and roll out a more comprehensive suite of offerings.

A Global Ambition Realized

In early 2018, the company made its presence felt globally by participating as exhibitors at the CES in Las Vegas. The stage was set for Mobility Tech Green to showcase its brand-new innovation program, i2M, which includes a dedicated artificial intelligence project for mobility known as Aiko. The venture into the international arena was not just an expansion but a statement of intent. They are now geared up to take on new markets and challenges that come with scaling a business globally.

Building a Robust Team for the Journey Ahead

What’s equally impressive is the human aspect of Mobility Tech Green’s journey. The last two years have witnessed a surge in employee numbers and a significant reorganization in each department. As the workforce evolved, bringing in new skills and fresh perspectives, it became necessary to move to a larger office space. The company doubled its workspaces in June 2018, showing how fast it is growing in every aspect. The team now brings together an array of talents, each contributing to the continued evolution of Mobility Tech Green’s technology.

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What’s Next? The Road to Future Innovation

As we look forward, the horizon seems promising for Mobility Tech Green. With their recent success and international exposure, the company is well-positioned to become a dominant player in the mobility tech sector. Their commitment to innovation, focus on sustainable solutions, and a dedicated team guarantees that this is a startup with a long and prosperous road ahead.

Mobility Tech Green is an inspiring example of how technology can foster sustainability while serving the needs of modern enterprise. Their journey so far is a testament to what can be achieved when innovation meets ambition.

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