Startup Showcase: Meds²Go – Revolutionizing Medical Logistics with Smart Cold Chain Solutions

Taking Control of Temperature-Sensitive Medication Delivery and Storage

Welcome to the Startup Showcase featuring Meds²Go, a medtech company based in The Netherlands. Meds²Go is dedicated to improving the transportation and storage of temperature-sensitive medication through end-to-end smart cold chain solutions. Join us as we explore how Meds²Go is transforming medical logistics with their innovative approach, ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of vital medications to patients.

Enhancing Medication Logistics:

Meds²Go recognizes that the cold chain doesn’t stop at the patient’s doorstep. With their comprehensive understanding of the challenges in maintaining temperature control for medications, they have developed cutting-edge cooling solutions that combine passive or hybrid cooling technology with smart features. By integrating state-of-the-art cooling devices with their CoolConnect platform, Meds²Go offers a complete end-to-end solution that provides insights, checks, and balances to all stakeholders involved in medication logistics.

Addressing the Last-Mile Challenge:

One of the critical challenges in medical logistics is ensuring the safe transport of temperature-sensitive medications during the last fragmented mile of the cold chain. Meds²Go focuses on this crucial step, enabling secure delivery to the patient’s home while maintaining the required temperature range. By crossing the threshold into the patient’s home, Meds²Go facilitates the home care ecosystem and empowers patients by providing tools to improve therapy compliance and reduce medication spillage, particularly for chronic diseases treated with biologics.

Innovative Cooling Solutions:

Meds²Go’s cooling solutions are designed to ensure the safe and secure last-mile delivery of medication. They employ innovative hybrid and passive cooling technologies that effectively maintain the required temperature range. These state-of-the-art cooling devices are equipped with integrated smart features such as temperature monitoring, shock detection, and GPS tracking. Additionally, Meds²Go’s solutions include a digital lock system and the CoolConnect platform, which enables seamless data management for medication monitoring and management.

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Benefits for Patients and Healthcare Ecosystem:

Meds²Go’s solutions offer a range of benefits for patients, healthcare organizations, and the overall healthcare ecosystem. By reducing medication spillage and ensuring proper temperature control, their solutions enhance medication compliance and adherence. This, in turn, improves patient empowerment, quality of life, and overall health outcomes. Meds²Go’s offerings also support the home care ecosystem, enabling efficient medication management and promoting seamless collaboration among stakeholders involved in patient care.

Business Model and Customer Base:

Meds²Go operates on a B2B2C business model, providing their solutions as a service. Their clients, including hospitals, pharmacies, home care organizations, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and patients themselves, can implement Meds²Go’s solutions to enhance medication delivery and storage processes. By offering a quarterly fee structure, Meds²Go ensures flexibility and cost-effectiveness for their customers.


Meds²Go is revolutionizing the field of medical logistics with their end-to-end smart cold chain solutions. By focusing on temperature-sensitive medication delivery and storage, they are addressing the challenges faced by patients, healthcare organizations, and the broader healthcare ecosystem. With their innovative cooling devices, integrated smart features, and data management capabilities, Meds²Go is empowering patients, improving therapy compliance, and enhancing the overall quality of medication management.





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