Startup Showcase: Material Exchange – Unleashing Material Innovation

Revolutionizing Material Sourcing and Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

Welcome to the future of material sourcing and collaboration – Material Exchange. Immerse yourself in the narrative of a startup that dares to reimagine the conventional process of material selection and bring it into the digital age, making it easier, efficient, and more sustainable.

Pioneering Digital Transformation in Material Sourcing

Nestled in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden, Material Exchange is a trailblazing company that is shaking up the world of design and material sourcing. Founded in August 2016 by a collective of industry visionaries, the startup is on a mission to revolutionize how designers, materials teams, product developers, and material vendors interact with materials.

A New Dawn for Material Exploration

Innovative Approach to Material Selection

Gone are the days of poring over countless sample books to find the perfect material. Material Exchange introduces a groundbreaking approach, leveraging cutting-edge digital visualization technology and advanced filtering capabilities. The result? A powerful online platform that empowers industry professionals to search, source, and collaborate on materials seamlessly.

A Secure Environment for Collaboration

At the core of Material Exchange’s ethos is collaboration. The platform acts as a secure, collaborative hub, where designers, materials teams, and vendors come together to streamline the material selection process. This not only enhances efficiency but also opens the doors to previously untapped possibilities for creative synergy.

Driving Sustainability Through Innovation

The Power of Technology for Sustainability

Material Exchange isn’t just about convenience; it’s about sustainability. By digitizing the material selection process, the platform reduces the need for physical samples, leading to a significant reduction in waste and carbon footprint. This aligns perfectly with the global movement towards sustainable practices and responsible sourcing.

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A Catalyst for Positive Change

In collaboration with industry leaders like the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America, PTC, and Substance from Allegorithmic, Material Exchange becomes more than just a platform. It’s a catalyst for positive change in the industry. By automating data input, visualizing materials, and enhancing communication between suppliers and manufacturers, the startup fosters a new era of efficiency and collaboration.


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