Startup Showcase: – Transforming Corporate Education with Intuitive SaaS Solutions

Empowering Continuous Transformation through Engaging Learning Experiences

Welcome to, where we bring you the most innovative startups from across the European Union. In this edition, we are thrilled to present, a German SaaS platform that is redefining corporate education. With a mission to turn continuous transformation in companies into an exciting and positive experience, offers an intuitive and engaging user interface that empowers businesses to create customized learning paths for their employees with ease.

Empowering Businesses through Intuitive Learning

The Power of Customization: empowers businesses to create bespoke learning experiences for their employees. The platform provides an intuitive user interface that allows companies to combine their own content with Masterplan lectures and customized quizzes effortlessly. This seamless integration enables businesses to tailor learning paths that align with their specific objectives, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

Accelerating Corporate Transformation: In today’s fast-paced business landscape, continuous transformation is a necessity for staying competitive. understands this and has crafted its platform to be a catalyst for corporate transformation. By offering a range of engaging learning experiences, companies can upskill their workforce, adapt to new challenges, and drive innovation with confidence.

Founded by Visionary Entrepreneurs and Backed by Strong Investors

Entrepreneurial Visionaries: was founded in 2017 by serial entrepreneurs Stefan Peukert and Dr. Daniel Schütt. Their shared vision of transforming corporate education led them to create a dynamic edutech platform that addresses the evolving needs of businesses. With their vast experience in the startup ecosystem, the founders bring a unique perspective to the development of

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Venture Capital Support: Recognizing the potential of, a lineup of prominent investors has backed the startup. The company has raised over €13 million in venture capital, with investors including Tengelmann Ventures, former Bertelsmann CEO Gunter Thielen, CODE University Chancellor Thomas Bachem, as well as the RAG Foundation, DvH Ventures, and NRW.BANK. This strong support is a testament to the promise and viability of’s approach.

Delivering Impact Across Germany

Expanding Reach: has its headquarters in Essen and has further locations in Berlin and Düsseldorf. This strategic presence allows the company to connect with businesses and professionals across Germany, catering to a diverse range of industries and sectors. The platform’s accessibility and adaptability make it an invaluable resource for companies of all sizes seeking to enhance their workforce’s skills and capabilities.

Partnering for Success: The success of lies not only in its innovative technology but also in its collaborations with businesses seeking to invest in the growth and development of their employees. By forming strategic partnerships with various organizations, continues to expand its reach and drive positive change in corporate education.

Conclusion’s commitment to making continuous transformation an exciting and positive experience for companies sets it apart as a leader in the corporate education space. With an intuitive SaaS platform that enables businesses to create engaging learning experiences, empowers enterprises to adapt, grow, and succeed in an ever-changing world. Supported by visionary entrepreneurs and strong investors, stands ready to redefine corporate education and drive meaningful impact in the European business landscape.

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