Startup Showcase: MAM – Bringing Monthly Utility Bills to ZERO

MAM is a FinTech platform that enables households to reduce their monthly utility bill payments while shopping with affiliated merchants.

MAM is a transformational FinTech platform that helps households bring their monthly utility bills to zero by shopping at affiliated merchants. This innovative concept aims to solve a recurring burden faced by households around the world, and targets a market segment worth over 1 trillion dollars in annual value. Let’s take a closer look at what MAM does and how it works.

A Transformational FinTech Platform

MAM is a consumer-centric platform that focuses on helping households reduce their monthly utility bill payments. It is built upon over 5 years of experience in growing Freebee, one of Europe’s premier digital loyalty platforms. MAM’s “soft” launch in Poland took place at the beginning of November 2017, and it has already signed up over 600 merchants, including local market leaders and global players. MAM targets core utility bills, which alone amount to over 1 trillion dollars in annual value globally.

How it Works

Every time a user shops at MAM-affiliated merchants, they receive cash towards paying off their core utility bills (electricity, gas, phone, internet, and pay-TV). Unlike traditional loyalty programs that offer points or miles with limited appeal, MAM’s innovative approach provides real value to users. The cash earned can be used to pay off the user’s utility bills without needing to change providers.

MAM has a user-friendly app that enables users to keep track of their savings and earnings, as well as find and connect with affiliated merchants. The app is currently available in Poland, and the team has plans to expand into other markets.

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The Founders

The three founders of MAM and Freebee, Aymeric Monod-Gayraud, Marcin Walaszczyk, and Michał Niemczycki, are a team of tech enthusiasts based in Warsaw. They have over 30 years of combined experience in managing complex projects and building successful ventures from scratch. They have also led a wide variety of large-scale loyalty projects involving the biggest companies in Poland.


MAM is an innovative and transformational FinTech platform that is changing the way households manage their utility bills. By shopping at affiliated merchants, users can reduce their monthly bills without needing to switch providers. With a strong focus on user experience and value, MAM is poised to become a global institution.





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