Startup Showcase: Lynked.World – Revolutionizing Digital Identity Verification with Blockchain Technology

Lynked.World is an information technology and services startup based in Hoofddorp, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands. Their mission is to provide a secure platform for individuals and institutions to own, control and share a digitally trusted identity. The Lynked.World platform is built upon blockchain technology, providing an irrefutable digitally verified block of information that is never compromised. In this startup showcase, we’ll take a closer look at Lynked.World, its features, and how it’s revolutionizing the digital identity verification process.

Blockchain Technology for Digital Identity Verification

The Lynked.World platform uses blockchain technology for digital identity verification. This technology provides a tamper-proof and secure digital identity verification system. The system verifies digital identity, education, and professional experience, making it easier for individuals to share their information directly with employers, institutions, and businesses. Blockchain technology ensures that the user’s information is secure and cannot be tampered with or compromised.

Direct Verification of Profiles

Lynked.World’s platform is built on the concept of direct verification of profiles between various entities. This process makes the information sharing process cost-effective, taking away the need for middlemen or brokers. The platform is currently onboarding several educational, government, and professional institutions, which will provide global coverage to its user base. By eliminating intermediaries, Lynked.World is creating a more efficient and cost-effective system for digital identity verification.

Revolutionizing Information Sharing Process

The current process of sharing identity and background verification is time-consuming, costly, and error-prone. With the evolution of blockchain technology, Lynked.World is revolutionizing the information sharing process. The platform enables users to control their digital information and share it directly with employers, institutions, and businesses. This provides a more secure and efficient way of sharing information, ultimately saving users time and money.

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Lynked.World is a revolutionary platform that is changing the way individuals and institutions verify digital identity, education, and professional experience. The use of blockchain technology provides a secure and tamper-proof system for digital identity verification, while the direct verification of profiles eliminates the need for intermediaries. By revolutionizing the information sharing process, Lynked.World is creating a more efficient and cost-effective system for digital identity verification. As the platform onboards more institutions and expands its user base, it has the potential to become a network of trusted professionals.





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