Startup Showcase: LUMI INDUSTRIES—Revolutionizing 3D Printing in Italy

Innovating from the Heart of Veneto: Making 3D Tech Accessible for All

Welcome to our latest Startup Showcase feature on! Today, we turn our spotlight to LUMI INDUSTRIES, an Italian startup making waves in the development and production of 3D printing solutions. Based in Montebelluna, Veneto, LUMI INDUSTRIES is not just another tech company; it’s a creative powerhouse changing the way we interact with the three-dimensional world.

From LUMIFOLD to Today: A Journey in Innovation

In 2013, LUMI INDUSTRIES made headlines with the creation of LUMIFOLD, a compact DLP 3D printer that garnered significant attention and funding through a successful Indiegogo campaign. Fast forward to today, and the startup has not only developed three more 3D printers but has also successfully executed two more crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Unlike many companies that struggle to maintain momentum after an initial burst of success, LUMI INDUSTRIES has consistently outperformed itself. Its lineup now includes printers designed for various user categories—from hobbyists and artisans to professionals and small enterprises.

The LUMI Difference: Multi-Expertise Team & Open Innovation

One key to LUMI INDUSTRIES’ ongoing success is its highly skilled team, which offers a multi-disciplinary expertise in areas ranging from mechanics and electronics to software and hardware. This diverse talent pool enables the startup to oversee the 360° development of new technological devices. Their end-to-end process management gives them a distinct edge, offering clients a truly comprehensive solution.

Since 2016, the company has also acted as an Open Innovation partner for a major multinational corporation in the medical sector. This partnership involves the development of new devices based on original ideas or client requests, further showcasing LUMI’s innovation capabilities.

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Beyond Printers: LumiReact & Future Prospects

LUMI INDUSTRIES isn’t just about 3D printers; they also offer consumables under their LumiReact brand and are the Italian official distributors of Fun To Do resins. Their diversification shows a keen understanding of market demands and user needs, offering an end-to-end solution in the 3D printing world.

As they look to the future, LUMI INDUSTRIES aims to continue expanding its product range and technological collaborations. Given their track record and multidisciplinary expertise, there’s no doubt that they will continue to break new ground in 3D technology.

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