Startup Showcase: LETTRIA – Revolutionizing Natural Language Processing in French

Advancing French Natural Language Processing to New Heights

Welcome to the Startup Showcase, where we shine a spotlight on the most innovative startups in Europe. In this edition, we present LETTRIA, a cutting-edge company based in Paris, France. LETTRIA is at the forefront of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the French-speaking market, pushing boundaries to achieve unparalleled accuracy and correction in French. Join us as we dive into the world of LETTRIA and discover how they are revolutionizing NLP with their unique approach.

Pioneering Advanced NLP Solutions

LETTRIA stands out as one of the most advanced players in NLP specifically tailored for the French language. The team at LETTRIA, led by co-founders Marian Szczesniak, Victor de la Salmonière, and Charles Borderie, has developed a groundbreaking technology that surpasses models created by English-speaking actors. By leveraging this cutting-edge approach, LETTRIA aims to bring French language processing as close as possible to human functioning.

French Semantics for Enhanced Accuracy

LETTRIA takes pride in creating APIs based on French semantics rather than relying solely on keywords. By incorporating the intricacies of the French language, LETTRIA’s technology achieves a higher level of accuracy and correction. The team at LETTRIA combines scientific and technological expertise with linguistic profiles to address the specificities of the French language, ensuring their solutions are tailored to the nuances of French grammar, vocabulary, and syntax.

Democratizing Access to NLP Technologies

LETTRIA is on a mission to make NLP technologies accessible to a wide range of industries and users. They offer high-performance proprietary libraries that enable seamless integration of NLP capabilities into various applications. Additionally, LETTRIA provides high-quality educational content, allowing businesses and individuals to understand the benefits and potential applications of using a 100% French model. By democratizing access to NLP, LETTRIA is empowering organizations across sectors to harness the power of French language processing.

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LETTRIA is driving innovation in the field of Natural Language Processing, specifically focused on the French language. With their advanced technology, LETTRIA is revolutionizing the accuracy and correction capabilities in French, bridging the gap between human language understanding and NLP systems. By combining scientific, technological, and linguistic expertise, LETTRIA is paving the way for enhanced language processing and accessibility across various industries.


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