Startup Showcase: Lenndy – The Lending Marketplace Revolutionizing Financing in Lithuania

Lenndy is a revolutionary fintech platform that has changed the game of lending and investment in Lithuania. As the first lending marketplace in the country, Lenndy connects loan issuers with investors, providing a safe and reliable platform to sell and purchase loan obligation rights. With the aim to promote safe and alternative financing methods for Lithuanian businesses, Lenndy has gained the trust of prominent Lithuanian economists and businessmen. In this Startup Showcase, we will take a closer look at the innovative solutions offered by Lenndy and how they are contributing to the growth of small and medium businesses in Lithuania.

Lending Marketplace – A New Era of Financing

The idea behind Lenndy emerged in 2015, when crowdfunding was gaining tremendous momentum worldwide. The founders saw an opportunity to create an innovative solution that would allow investors to employ their funds and receive higher returns than keeping their money on deposit or using other traditional investment tools. By purchasing already issued credit agreements, rights, and commitments, investors can earn 12-15% per cent of annual interest. The platform offers a secure environment for transactions, with contracts signed and BUYBACK guarantees and technological solutions in place to protect investor funds.

Lenndy’s lending marketplace allows more of the public to participate directly in the national economy, promoting the growth of small and medium businesses. By providing businesses with access to alternative and safe methods of financing, Lenndy is contributing to the development of the Lithuanian economy. The platform also offers investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios and spread their risks.

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Innovative Solutions and Consumer Protection

Lenndy operates with responsible national authorities, lawyers, and law companies to create innovative solutions and consumer protection based on lending marketplace. Lenndy’s platform is designed to provide both lenders and investors with a safe and reliable environment to conduct transactions. With strict risk management policies and a robust credit scoring system, Lenndy ensures that loan issuers have a solid repayment history before listing their loans on the platform.

Lenndy also offers a Buyback Guarantee, which means that if a loan payment is delayed for more than 60 days, the loan issuer is required to buy back the loan obligation right from the investor. This ensures that investors’ funds are protected even in the event of a default.

Contributing to Lithuania’s Economic Growth

Lenndy’s mission is to promote Lithuanian businesses in alternative and safe financing methods. By providing a platform for businesses to access funds and for investors to earn higher returns, Lenndy is contributing to the growth of the Lithuanian economy. The platform’s operation system is directly useful for Lithuania’s economy, and anyone can contribute to Lenndy’s mission.


In conclusion, Lenndy is a game-changer in the Lithuanian lending and investment industry. With its innovative solutions and consumer protection policies, the platform is creating a safe and reliable environment for lenders and investors to conduct transactions. By promoting alternative and safe financing methods for Lithuanian businesses, Lenndy is contributing to the growth of the national economy. Investors looking to diversify their portfolios and earn higher returns should check out Lenndy’s lending marketplace.


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