Startup Showcase: Kvittar – Digitizing Receipts for a Paperless Future

In today’s world, paper receipts are not only outdated, but they are also environmentally unfriendly and a burden on businesses. Kvittar, a Swedish startup based in Malmö, is revolutionizing the way receipts are handled by offering a system that digitizes receipts to reduce administrative costs for paper receipts. With their innovative technology, Kvittar is transforming the receipt industry and paving the way towards a paperless future.

The Problem with Paper Receipts

Paper receipts are not only wasteful, but they also come at a high cost to businesses. Receipts are often printed on thermal paper, which is not recyclable and can take up to 25 years to decompose. Additionally, businesses have to spend time and resources on handling, storing, and disposing of these receipts. With the rise of digital transactions, there is a need for a more efficient and sustainable way to manage receipts.

Kvittar’s Solution

Kvittar’s system digitizes receipts by providing a digital infrastructure that reduces the consumption of paper and eliminates the need for customers to hold onto physical receipts. Through integration with Kvittar’s Digital Receipt System (DRS), users can receive digital receipts directly from the point of sale system. Each user has a secure and private profile from which they can access their receipts, print them, and even export them in various formats. Additionally, the receipts are easy to search for and add annotations, making it a convenient solution for both businesses and customers.

Kvittar’s Impact

By digitizing receipts, Kvittar is helping businesses reduce administrative costs associated with handling paper receipts. Kvittar estimates that businesses can save up to 30% in administrative costs by adopting their digital receipt system. Additionally, the reduction in paper waste can have a significant impact on the environment. According to Kvittar, every day stores and restaurants in Sweden print enough paper to cover the distance from Malmoe to London. By reducing paper consumption, Kvittar is making a positive impact on the environment and paving the way towards a paperless future.

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Seedcamp 2009 Winner

Kvittar has been recognized for its innovative solution and impact. The startup won the local Nordic Seedcamp in 2009, which is a prestigious competition for early-stage startups. Kvittar’s win at Seedcamp demonstrates the potential for their solution to make a significant impact on the receipt industry and beyond.


Kvittar’s digital receipt system is a game-changer for businesses looking to reduce administrative costs and improve their environmental impact. By offering a seamless and efficient solution for digitizing receipts, Kvittar is paving the way towards a paperless future. As the world becomes increasingly digital, solutions like Kvittar’s are more important than ever.




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