Startup Showcase: Kinematics – Breathing Life into LEGO Robotics

Revolutionising Playtime with Interactive Robotic Building Sets

In our Startup Showcase series, we are excited to introduce Kinematics, a German startup breathing new life into LEGO play with their groundbreaking Tinkerbots building sets.

Reimagining the World of Play

Situated in Bernau, Brandenburg, Germany, Kinematics has taken the beloved concept of LEGO and enhanced it with a dose of cutting-edge robotics. With their Tinkerbots toy building set, they’ve created an accessible, fun, and educational platform that enables young children, adults, and educators to explore the fascinating world of robotics.

Tinkerbots’ key component is its patented “Powerbrain” module, which, combined with kinetic modules, passive pieces, and even traditional LEGO bricks, allows users to create a virtually limitless variety of toy robots. The beauty of Tinkerbots is its simplicity: there’s no need for wiring or programming, making it accessible and fun for all ages.

Educational Entertainment for All Ages

Described as “living LEGOs,” Tinkerbots provides a hands-on introduction to the world of robotics. Children can spend hours engaged with these building sets, organically acquiring a valuable foundation in technology through play. Yet, Tinkerbots’ appeal extends beyond the playground.

It’s a toy that engages the whole family, transforming playtime into an opportunity for shared learning experiences. By encouraging collaborative play and innovation, Tinkerbots bridges the generation gap, creating a platform where kids and parents can explore, invent, and learn together.

A New Tool for Educators and Makers

With an Arduino-compatible microcontroller, Tinkerbots becomes an ideal tool for schools, makers, and hobbyists. This compatibility offers endless possibilities for customization and advanced projects, extending Tinkerbots’ use from a simple plaything to an engaging educational tool that can supplement tech education in schools and maker spaces.

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Kinematics’ vision of integrating technology into play is not just creating a new generation of toys; it’s fostering a new generation of thinkers, creators, and innovators. In a world increasingly dominated by technology, tools like Tinkerbots play an instrumental role in equipping our children with the skills and curiosity they’ll need to navigate the future.

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