Startup Showcase: Kahn & Associés – Empowering Growth Companies with Legal Expertise

Leading French Business Law Firm in Technology, Internet, and More

Welcome to’s Startup Showcase, where we highlight trailblazing companies that are transforming the business landscape. In this edition, we present Kahn & Associés, a leading French business law firm based in Paris, specializing in providing expert legal advice to growth companies in the technology, internet, media, telecommunications, life science, renewable energy, and clean tech industries.

Championing Growth Companies with Perceptive Advice:

Kahn & Associés has emerged as a formidable player in the legal landscape, offering unmatched expertise to growth companies and investors in technology-driven industries. Their mission is to provide perceptive and timely advice, tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. With a focus on practical and business-oriented solutions, Kahn & Associés empowers companies to navigate complex legal challenges while fostering growth and innovation.

Versatile Legal Services for French and International Needs:

The firm takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of legal services to French companies with international ambitions and foreign-based multinationals seeking to establish a presence in France. From tax structuring and labor law aspects to acquisitions and joint ventures abroad, Kahn & Associés provides strategic guidance, ensuring legal compliance and efficiency.

  • Supporting French Companies Abroad: For French companies seeking to expand their operations internationally, Kahn & Associés serves as a trusted advisor. The firm assists in establishing a global presence, navigating tax implications, coordinating international labor law aspects, and facilitating acquisitions or joint ventures abroad.
  • Guiding Foreign-Based Multinationals: Foreign-based companies looking to establish a subsidiary in France can rely on Kahn & Associés for comprehensive legal support. The firm aids in choosing the appropriate legal entity, implementing tax-efficient inter-company relationships, and addressing various legal needs, including contracts, regulations, labor, and tax.
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Global Reach and Collaborative Expertise:

Kahn & Associés has cultivated strong relationships with like-minded law firms worldwide, allowing them to offer seamless legal assistance on a multi-jurisdictional basis. The firm’s extensive network spans Europe, North America, the Middle-East, and Asia, making them a valuable resource for clients seeking Europe-wide advice or venturing into international markets.

The team at Kahn & Associés understands the nuances of cross-border legal matters and can efficiently coordinate legal work across various jurisdictions, streamlining processes for their clients and providing them with a competitive advantage in the global arena.


Kahn & Associés stands at the forefront of the legal world, empowering growth companies with expert advice and comprehensive legal services. With a keen focus on technology, internet, and innovation-driven industries, the firm’s perceptive and business-oriented approach resonates with clients looking to navigate legal complexities while fostering growth and success.

With a track record of excellence and a network of like-minded law firms worldwide, Kahn & Associés is well-equipped to serve as a strategic partner to businesses seeking to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.




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