Startup Showcase: Just Me Technologies – Empowering Users and Companies for GDPR Compliance

Just Me Technologies is a Paris-based startup that helps companies become GDPR compliant while giving control of personal data back to the users. The company’s mission is to empower users and companies to prioritize transparency and trust in their relationships, making compliance with GDPR a more manageable task.

Empowering Users with Personal Data Control

Just Me Technologies offers a web-based platform that helps users easily access and manage their personal data. The platform serves as a bridge to access information where it is already stored, without gathering data in a single storage system. With Just Me, users can access data companies have on them and easily take actions such as amend, delete or transfer data. This gives users greater control over their personal data, ensuring transparency and accountability in the use of their information.

Supporting Companies for GDPR Compliance

In addition to empowering users, Just Me Technologies also supports companies in their path toward GDPR compliance. The platform helps organizations to improve transparency, customer relationships, and prove compliance to data protection laws. With Just Me, companies can ensure that they are meeting GDPR requirements and avoiding fines for non-compliance.

Transparency and Trust as Non-Negotiable Aspects

Just Me Technologies believes in a world where transparency and trust are non-negotiable aspects of relationships between customers and companies. EU regulators share this belief, which is why they designed GDPR with the primary objective of giving control back to users over their personal data. Just Me is working to make this objective a reality by providing a platform that promotes transparency and accountability in the use of personal data.

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Making Compliance Easier for SMEs

Just Me Technologies recognizes that compliance with GDPR can be a difficult task for companies, especially for SMEs. That’s why the platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, making compliance a more manageable task. With Just Me, companies of all sizes can take control of their personal data and improve their compliance with GDPR.


Just Me Technologies is a pioneer in the field of GDPR compliance and personal data control. The company’s innovative platform is helping to empower users and companies to prioritize transparency and trust in their relationships. By promoting transparency and accountability in the use of personal data, Just Me is working to create a world where privacy is respected and users have control over their own information.





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