Startup Showcase: JOGO – Football’s Next Game-Changer Through Data

Unraveling Football's Future: When Tech Meets Talent

In the sprawling fields of Amstelveen, JOGO is crafting the next generation of football talent. They’re not merely developing players, but are defining the future of the sport. Harnessing the power of groundbreaking technology, JOGO is set to change how players are scouted, trained, and nurtured.

A Leap Beyond Subjectivity: The Tech Behind Talent

Traditionally, football has largely relied on the subjective judgment of coaches and scouts. Hours spent on the field observing and analyzing were the standard. However, JOGO recognizes that in a world governed by data, football can no longer remain confined to its conservative roots. Especially in youth football, where the talent is abundant, objective measures can make a world of difference.

JOGO’s platform is a fusion of modern-day technology. Imagine having insights into a player based on 200 unique data points. From top speeds, shot speeds, leg distribution, ball touches, to acceleration, JOGO captures it all. But what truly sets JOGO apart is its ability to translate this raw data into actionable insights. Tailored specifically to each player, these insights aid in nurturing and enhancing their skills.

Empowering the Next Football Superstars

The beauty of JOGO lies in its democratization of opportunity. Its player development platform, equipped with insole sensors and a user-friendly app interface, levels the playing field. Emerging talents, irrespective of their background or access to top-tier coaching, have a shot at showcasing their potential.

Trainers, scouts, and agents can now sift through this vast pool of talent, finding those gems that could have otherwise been overlooked. With JOGO, talent spotting is no longer confined to mere chance or serendipity. It’s systematic, precise, and efficient.

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Why Football Needs JOGO

While football reigns supreme as the global sport, it often lags in technological adoption, especially in the realm of youth development. Clubs, be it pro or amateur, require an overhaul in their approach to nurturing talent. With a staggering 200 million youth players across the globe, the need for an objective, data-driven approach is glaring.

JOGO steps in right there, offering the football community the upgrade it direly needs. By integrating artificial intelligence (AI), machine vision (MV), in-shoe sensor technology, and cognitive tests, JOGO provides a holistic view of a player’s potential. It’s not just about numbers or stats; it’s about understanding the player’s journey, every second of it.

In a nutshell, JOGO is not just a tech platform; it’s a revolution. It signifies a shift from traditional scouting methods to a future where data governs decisions. As football gears up for its next chapter, JOGO is right at the forefront, guiding it towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

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