Startup Showcase: Itera – Delivering Innovative Solutions and Services to Nordic Businesses

As businesses and organizations increasingly rely on technology for their day-to-day operations, it has become essential to have a reliable and innovative technology partner. Itera, a Stockholm-based communication and technology company, is providing just that to Nordic and international businesses.

Itera has been operating in the Nordic region for over 15 years, and during this time, they have established themselves as a reliable and innovative partner for businesses in a wide range of industries. Their work has covered numerous cross-border Nordic and international organizations in all major sectors, including banking, finance and insurance (BFI), professional services, healthcare, public services, industries, retail, and utilities.

Innovative Solutions for Nordic and International Businesses

Itera is a technology company that focuses on delivering innovative solutions and services to Nordic and international businesses. Their solutions are designed to help businesses operate more efficiently, improve customer experience, and drive growth.

Itera has a highly educated mobile workforce, with many innovative businesses and organizations in the region. Their 400+ employees are spread across their Nordic offices, enabling them to mobilize diversified project teams in proximity to their customers across borders. They are engaged in projects across all Nordic countries as well as projects located in Sweden.

Itera’s solutions and services include digital strategy and innovation, customer experience, digital marketing and analytics, cloud services, integration and application development, and managed services.

Digital Strategy and Innovation

Itera helps businesses define and implement a digital strategy that aligns with their business objectives. They work with businesses to identify opportunities for growth and innovation, and help them navigate the complex world of digital transformation.

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Customer Experience

Itera helps businesses deliver a seamless and engaging customer experience across all touchpoints. They work with businesses to design and implement digital solutions that improve customer experience, increase customer engagement, and drive customer loyalty.

Digital Marketing and Analytics

Itera helps businesses leverage data and analytics to drive growth and improve customer experience. They provide digital marketing and analytics services that help businesses understand their customers, optimize their marketing efforts, and drive more conversions.

Cloud Services

Itera provides cloud services that enable businesses to scale their operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. They offer a range of cloud services, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS).

Integration and Application Development

Itera helps businesses integrate their systems and applications to improve efficiency and drive growth. They offer a range of integration and application development services, including API management, microservices, and DevOps.

Managed Services

Itera provides managed services that help businesses maintain and optimize their technology infrastructure. They offer a range of managed services, including infrastructure management, application management, and service desk support.


Itera is a communication and technology company that is providing innovative solutions and services to Nordic and international businesses. With their highly educated mobile workforce and diversified project teams, they are well-positioned to help businesses navigate the complex world of digital transformation and drive growth.

If you are a Nordic or international business looking for a reliable and innovative technology partner, we highly recommend checking out Itera.





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