Startup Showcase: intelligent fluids GmbH – Redefining Cleaning Solutions

Unlocking the Power of Innovative High Performance Fluids

Cleaning solutions are an essential aspect of various industries, and intelligent fluids GmbH is at the forefront of redefining this space. Based in Leipzig, Germany, intelligent fluids GmbH is a technology company specializing in designing innovative high-performance cleaning fluids. Their groundbreaking patented technology creates highly dynamic phase fluids tailored to specific needs, setting them apart in the world of cleaning solutions. In this Startup Showcase, we explore how intelligent fluids GmbH is transforming the cleaning industry by providing safe, effective, and sustainable alternatives to traditional solvent-based chemicals.

Unleashing the Power of Highly Dynamic Phase Fluids:

intelligent fluids GmbH utilizes a unique approach by combining gentle ingredients to create highly dynamic phase fluids that deliver outstanding performance. Unlike traditional solvent-based chemicals, intelligent fluids® achieve their cleaning effectiveness through physical effects rather than chemical dissolving or etching. This distinction makes them safe for users, equipment, and the environment. The innovative fluids offer a new era of cleaning solutions that prioritize effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability.

Advancing Cleaning Solutions for Various Industries:

intelligent fluids® caters to multiple industries, including microelectronics, industrial maintenance, optics, printing, and more. With their specific product portfolios designed for different fields of application, intelligent fluids GmbH continually expands their offerings. The fluids excel in stripping, material separation, and cleaning, particularly in removing dirt, residues, coatings, and lacquer. The sectors of microelectronics, electronics, optics, printing, industrial maintenance, and building protection greatly benefit from the exceptional cleaning capabilities of intelligent fluids®. Moreover, future potentials lie in functional skincare and dental cosmetics, further demonstrating the versatility of these innovative fluids.

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Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Sustainability:

Intelligent fluids® redefine cleaning solutions by offering a range of advantages, including process optimization and cost savings. The technology employed by intelligent fluids GmbH is not only highly effective but also safe for users, equipment, and the environment. These fluids present a long-awaited response to the ecological and economical challenges of our time. With intelligent fluids®, the post-solvent era is realized, enabling industries to prioritize sustainability and efficiency while achieving exceptional cleaning results.


intelligent fluids GmbH is revolutionizing the cleaning industry with their innovative high-performance cleaning fluids. By utilizing highly dynamic phase fluids and groundbreaking technology, intelligent fluids® provide safe, effective, and sustainable alternatives to traditional solvent-based chemicals. With a focus on effectiveness, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, intelligent fluids GmbH is transforming cleaning solutions across various industries and enabling a new era of sustainable and impactful cleaning processes.

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