Startup Showcase: Innovative Software SARL – Streamlining Process Communication with EDIfly

Bringing Messaging 2.0 to the Aviation, Rail, Logistics and Other Industries

Innovative Software SARL is a Luxembourg-based company that provides a powerful platform to streamline process communication. The company’s flagship product, EDIfly, is a Messaging 2.0 platform that enables businesses to exchange data and messages seamlessly, quickly, and securely.

Backwards-compatible messaging system

EDIfly is a fully backwards-compatible concept that allows businesses to gradually cut-over their mission-critical processes without changing everything in one logical second. This way, businesses can reduce the risks associated with switching to a new system, as well as minimize the downtime required to make the switch.

The platform serves as a bridge technology from Type B to Type X, XML, and EDIFACT. EDIfly also encourages technology providers to deploy their Message Broker for the benefit of their user community and offer interesting partnerships.

Free trial and a proven track record

Innovative Software SARL aims to create a significant user community by offering interested companies a free trial of their platform. EDIfly has been road-tested since 2011 and is trusted by clients in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The company works with seasoned experts in local markets to distribute their products and establish partnerships with IT providers for implementation services and support.

Powerful features and benefits

EDIfly provides a sleek and uncomplicated platform for businesses to bring Messaging 2.0 to their process communication. The platform’s powerful features include:

  • High-performance message switching: EDIfly enables businesses to exchange data and messages seamlessly, quickly, and securely, ensuring high performance and reliability.
  • Backwards compatibility: The platform is fully backwards-compatible, allowing businesses to gradually switch to the new system and minimize risks and downtime.
  • Seamless integration: EDIfly is designed to work with existing systems and can be easily integrated into businesses’ workflows.
  • User-friendly interface: The platform is designed with a user-friendly interface that enables users to easily manage their messages and data.
  • Efficient communication: EDIfly makes communication more efficient by enabling businesses to exchange data and messages in real-time, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.
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Overall, Innovative Software SARL’s EDIfly is an innovative platform that helps businesses in aviation, rail, logistics, and other industries streamline their process communication. By providing a sleek and uncomplicated platform, EDIfly makes Messaging 2.0 accessible and achievable for businesses of all sizes.



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