Startup Showcase: – Enabling Real-Time Indoor Navigation and Positioning

Indoor navigation and positioning has been a challenge for a long time. Most navigation systems can provide directions and positioning in outdoor areas with the help of GPS, but when it comes to indoor areas, GPS signals get lost or significantly weakened, making it difficult for users to locate themselves or navigate inside buildings. That’s where comes in with its innovative mobile SDK that enables real-time indoor positioning and navigation.

Introducing is a Vienna-based startup that offers an indoor positioning and navigation solution using a combination of Wi-Fi, sensor fusion, and iBeacon technology, as well as dead-reckoning navigation algorithms. The company’s SDK enables developers, app agencies, technology and service providers to easily and quickly deploy accurate indoor location-based services at competitive accuracy, speed, memory footprint, and cost.

Real-Time Localization and Navigation

With SDK, mobile apps can locate and navigate users inside buildings in real-time. The solution offers a high level of accuracy of down to 2 meters, making it suitable for various use cases such as airport navigation, shopping list routing, offers/coupons, advertising by location, manufacturing/inventory/asset tracking, and more.

Routing SDK provides routing functionality for indoor navigation, enabling users to find the shortest path to their desired location inside a building. Whether it’s a specific store in a shopping mall or a particular room in an office building, makes it easy for users to reach their destination.

White-Label Application offers a white-label application that can be customized with a company’s branding and design to provide a seamless experience to users. This enables companies to offer indoor navigation and positioning as a service to their customers without investing in building their own solution from scratch.

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Support Packages and Analytics provides support packages to help companies integrate their solution into their apps, as well as analytics to measure user engagement and usage. This data can be used to optimize the solution and improve user experience.

Conclusion is a game-changer in the field of indoor positioning and navigation, providing a real-time solution that’s accurate, easy to use, and cost-effective. With its SDK, companies can easily integrate indoor navigation and positioning into their apps and offer a seamless experience to their users. Whether it’s finding your way at the airport or navigating through a shopping mall, has got you covered.





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