Startup Showcase: Indico Capital Partners

Empowering Global Tech Innovations - Portugal's Premier Venture Capital Firm

Welcome to, where we bring you the most compelling stories of innovative startups across Europe. In this edition, we showcase Indico Capital Partners, a pioneering venture capital firm based in Lisbon, Portugal. With a focus on global technology companies, Indico is at the forefront of nurturing groundbreaking startups in the realms of software as a service, artificial intelligence, internet of things, fintech, cybersecurity, and digital industries. Join us as we delve into the success story of Indico Capital Partners and their mission to support the next generation of tech pioneers.

Empowering Tech Innovation in Portugal and Beyond

From Investors to Entrepreneurs: A Team with a Vision

Founded in 2017, Indico Capital Partners has rapidly emerged as the leading independent venture capital firm in Portugal. The team behind Indico boasts a remarkable background, with prior experience as both investors and entrepreneurs. The collective expertise of the founders, who were previously part of the renowned Caixa Capital VC Team, has been instrumental in driving the success of various Portuguese global tech ventures.

A Focus on the Future: Investing in the Tech Titans of Tomorrow

Indico Capital Partners is committed to identifying and supporting the most promising tech startups, particularly in the critical stages of Seed to Series A funding. With a comprehensive understanding of the technology landscape, the firm strategically invests in companies that hold immense potential for growth and disruption. Their portfolio spans diverse industries, from SaaS to AI, IoT, fintech, cybersecurity, and digital enterprises.

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Building a Strong Ecosystem: Fostering Portugal’s Startup Culture

The rise of innovative startups is not limited to traditional tech hubs alone. Emerging ecosystems in cities like Lisbon have been instrumental in fostering entrepreneurship and attracting international attention. Portugal’s journey through challenging macro environments has ignited a thriving culture of innovation and investment. Boasting a pool of exceptional tech graduates with a global mindset, Portugal has become a hotbed for groundbreaking tech companies.

Notable Portuguese success stories like luxury eCommerce platform Farfetch, Y Combinator graduate machine learning translation platform Unbabel, and leading student accommodation marketplace Uniplaces have all had a significant Portuguese influence and successfully raised international rounds in the UK and the US. Indico Capital Partners aims to play a pivotal role in supporting the next wave of success stories within the Portuguese startup ecosystem.


In a world driven by technological advancements, venture capital firms like Indico Capital Partners play a crucial role in fueling innovation and supporting the growth of groundbreaking startups. Their unwavering commitment to identifying and empowering tech pioneers has not only elevated Portugal’s startup ecosystem but also nurtured global technology companies that are changing the face of industries.

With their experienced team of investors and entrepreneurs, Indico Capital Partners is trailblazing the path for the next generation of tech success stories. As the leading independent venture capital firm in Portugal, they are primed to continue shaping the future of technology, one investment at a time.

To learn more about Indico Capital Partners and explore their portfolio, visit their official website: Indico Capital Partners

Stay updated on their latest ventures and connect with them on social media:

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