Startup Showcase: i360medical—Revolutionizing Medical Device Innovation

Bridging the Gap Between Medical Professionals and Groundbreaking Devices

Welcome to another special edition of’ Startup Showcase, the segment where we take a closer look at startups making waves across the European tech landscape. Today, we focus on i360medical, a Dublin-based startup that is significantly transforming the landscape of healthcare through its emphasis on the development and commercialization of new medical devices.

Conception to Commercialization: A 6-Phase Process

The healthcare industry is in a state of rapid evolution, and the development of innovative medical devices is at the forefront. i360medical provides a comprehensive 6-phase process for the development of these devices, from the conceptual stage through to commercialization. This robust process is offered to both global medical device companies and SMEs, setting a new standard for how medical devices are developed and brought to market.

Networking for a Purpose: Meeting Unmet Clinical Needs

i360medical isn’t just about developing new devices; it’s about identifying the needs that haven’t yet been met in healthcare settings. The company has built an expansive network of clinicians, medical professionals, academia, and engineers, all aimed at sourcing and developing new ideas for medical devices. Their collaborative approach ensures that the resulting products not only fill gaps in the current market but also provide innovative solutions to complex healthcare problems.

Global Impact: CE Mark, FDA Approval, and Beyond

The ultimate goal of i360medical is to take Irish-based initiatives and medical device inventions to the global stage. Leveraging its extensive contact base of industry experts, clinicians, and international clients, i360medical aids in gaining CE mark and FDA approvals, paving the way for commercialization in both the US and EU markets. This global focus differentiates the startup and allows it to pre-sell and promote projects internationally from the outset.

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A Holistic Approach: Providing Specialized Support

What sets i360medical apart is its dedication to offering specialized supports in all sectors for the inventor and the invention—be it clinical, technical, academic, market, or financial. This holistic approach ensures that the medical devices not only meet stringent healthcare standards but also fulfill financial and market viability, thus increasing the chances of successful commercialization.

Wrapping It Up

i360medical is a shining example of a startup that is bridging the gap between healthcare professionals and innovative medical technologies. Their comprehensive, 6-phase approach to device development, their emphasis on meeting unmet clinical needs, and their global focus make them a force to be reckoned with in the medical tech industry. With an eye on both domestic and international markets, i360medical is positioned to be a key player in healthcare innovation for years to come.

Interested in learning more about this cutting-edge startup? Connect with i360medical on their digital platforms:

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