Startup Showcase: HUG A PET – Revolutionizing Pet Healthcare by Bringing the Vets to Your Doorstep

As pet owners, we all know how stressful and challenging it can be to take our furry friends to the vet. From dealing with the fear and anxiety of our pets to the inconvenience of traveling to a clinic, it’s a struggle that many pet owners face. However, a Berlin-based startup called HUG A PET is here to revolutionize the pet healthcare industry by bringing the vets to your doorstep. With their innovative marketplace platform, HUG A PET connects pet owners with verified mobile vets, providing a personalized and convenient experience for both pets and their owners.

Bringing Convenience and Comfort to Pet Healthcare

HUG A PET is the first-of-its-kind pet healthcare mobility marketplace in Germany, offering a stress-free and convenient experience for pet owners. The platform allows pet owners to book appointments with verified mobile vets who will visit their home or office. This eliminates the stress of traveling to a vet clinic and waiting in long queues, making the experience much more comfortable and personalized for both the pet and the owner.

HUG A PET is passionate about bringing superior quality to the pet healthcare industry, disrupting the current pet healthcare landscape. The platform aims to attract, nurture, and grow the world’s best mobile healthcare providers for pets through its technology, and provide exceptional customer service to its users. The platform has a strict vetting process, ensuring that only the most recommended mobile veterinarians are onboarded onto their database.

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Innovative Technology to Support Pet Owners and Vets

HUG A PET is not just a marketplace for pet owners to book appointments with mobile vets. The platform also uses innovative technology to support the veterinarians, making it easier for them to reach pet owners faster, provide updated medical and psychological history of pets, and collaborate with pet owners in real-time.

The platform acts as an operational ninja, constantly updating pet owners on the latest status between the vet and the pet owner on-the-go. HUG A PET’s ultimate goal is to create substantial pet healthcare improvements one customer at a time, making it easier for pet owners to take care of their furry friends’ health.


HUG A PET is a groundbreaking startup that is revolutionizing the pet healthcare industry in Germany. By bringing mobile vets to pet owners’ doorsteps, the platform offers a stress-free and convenient experience for pets and their owners. With their innovative technology and exceptional customer service, HUG A PET is committed to providing superior quality to the pet healthcare industry. Their strict vetting process ensures that pet owners have access to the best mobile veterinarians, and their innovative technology supports pet owners and vets alike, making the experience much more comfortable and personalized for all.




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