Startup Showcase: Hoplr – The Digital Neighbourhood Network for Inclusion and Citizen Participation

In today’s fast-paced digital age, it’s easy to feel disconnected from our local communities. However, Hoplr, a digital neighbourhood network and knowledge center based in Belgium, is aiming to change that. Founded in 2014 by Jennick Scheerlinck and Jonas Heirwegh, Hoplr shifts the focus from the individual to the local community. Through the power of collective action, Hoplr helps citizens connect with their neighbours, build social cohesion, and promote inclusion and citizen participation.

Harnessing the Power of the Collective to Anticipate Societal Challenges

Hoplr’s mission is to anticipate the societal challenges of tomorrow, such as social cohesion, inclusion, aging, care, and citizen participation. By connecting people online and promoting offline meetings and involvement, Hoplr aims to create a more caring and sustainable community. Through Hoplr, citizens gain access to the social capital in their neighbourhood, including material goods, knowledge, time, volunteers, and infrastructure. By leveraging this collective power, Hoplr empowers individuals and communities to take action and create positive change in their local area.

Connecting Online, Meeting Offline

One of the key features of Hoplr is the emphasis on offline meetings and involvement. Social cohesion and engagement are essential to achieving meaningful inclusion and citizen participation. Hoplr provides a platform for citizens to connect online and organize offline events, such as neighbourhood clean-up days, community barbecues, or local sports events. By facilitating these offline meetings, Hoplr creates a sense of community and belonging that is essential for creating a caring and sustainable neighbourhood.

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Seal of Excellence from the European Commission for Corona Relevant Innovation

Hoplr has received the “Seal of Excellence” from the European Commission for its innovative approach to addressing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform has played a critical role in connecting citizens during lockdowns and promoting social cohesion at a time when many people were feeling isolated and disconnected. Hoplr’s commitment to fostering inclusion and citizen participation has helped communities come together and support one another during these challenging times.


Hoplr is more than just a digital platform – it’s a social vision and conviction. By harnessing the power of the collective and promoting offline engagement, Hoplr is creating a more caring and sustainable community. Through its innovative approach to neighbourhood networking, Hoplr is helping citizens connect, build social cohesion, and promote inclusion and citizen participation.





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