Startup Showcase: Honing Biosciences: Developing Innovative Cell-Based Therapies

Honing Biosciences, a Paris-based bio-therapeutics startup, is on a mission to develop and enhance cell-based therapies, especially for cancer and other chronic diseases. The company focuses on leveraging cutting-edge technologies that allow precise control of cell functions after delivery to patients, leading to greater efficacy and reducing the harmful side effects of conventional treatments.

Revolutionizing Cell-Based Approaches

Cell-based therapies have been increasingly hailed as a promising avenue to develop novel therapies for cancer and chronic diseases. However, conventional cell-based approaches come with certain drawbacks and limitations. Honing Biosciences aims to overcome these limitations by developing new classes of tunable cell therapeutics, enabling dynamic control of protein expression and secretion of enzymes, cytokines, and antibodies.

Innovative CellTuneTM Technology

Honing Biosciences’ molecular CellTuneTM technology allows the development of new classes of tunable cell therapeutics. The technology enables the regulation of protein expression at the cell surface or secretion of enzymes, cytokines, and antibodies, adapting the delivery of therapeutic proteins to clinical needs. By leveraging the CellTuneTM technology, Honing Biosciences can control the dynamic delivery of proteins in patients, leading to better clinical outcomes.

Breakthrough Applications for Cell-Based Therapies

Honing Biosciences’ proprietary technological platform has breakthrough applications for all types of cell-based therapy, including immunotherapy and reconstituting cell therapies for autoimmunity and chronic diseases. With a focus on developing and enhancing cell-based therapies, Honing Biosciences aims to improve patient outcomes and revolutionize the treatment of chronic diseases.


Honing Biosciences is an innovative bio-therapeutics startup that develops and enhances cell-based therapies, especially for cancer and chronic diseases. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including the molecular CellTuneTM technology, Honing Biosciences is paving the way for novel therapies that can improve patient outcomes and revolutionize the treatment of chronic diseases.

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