Startup Showcase: Glue Home – Revolutionizing Smart Access and Delivery

Transforming the Way You Access and Receive Deliveries

Welcome to the Startup Showcase featuring Glue Home, a dynamic startup based in Stockholm, Sweden. Glue Home is on a mission to enable smart access for people, products, and services into the home while you’re away, revolutionizing the way you access and receive deliveries.

Unlocking the Potential of Smart Access

With the rapid growth of e-commerce and the increasing need for convenient and secure delivery options, Glue Home has developed an innovative solution that allows for seamless access to homes using smart technology. By leveraging a proprietary award-winning digital smart lock and other digital locks, Glue Home connects consumers’ homes with businesses, creating a secure and convenient way to receive deliveries, services, and more.

Enhancing E-commerce and Fostering Trust

Glue Home aims to improve the e-commerce experience by removing the hassle of missed deliveries, lost packages, and limited delivery windows. With Glue’s smart access technology, customers can have their parcels, groceries, and even dry cleaning delivered directly inside their homes, ensuring that everything is waiting for them when they return. This not only enhances convenience but also fosters trust and reliability, building stronger relationships between consumers and businesses.

Optimizing Time, Resources, and Sustainability

Beyond convenience, Glue Home’s innovative solution has far-reaching benefits. By enabling in-home delivery, Glue Home helps reduce traffic congestion and pollution associated with multiple delivery attempts. Additionally, it creates job opportunities for local couriers and optimizes the use of time and resources, making deliveries more efficient and cost-effective. Glue Home envisions a future where smart access and in-home delivery become the norm, contributing to sustainable urban living.

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Collaboration with Leading Logistics and Retail Partners

Glue Home has established strategic partnerships with leading logistics, retail, and service companies to provide a seamless in-home delivery experience. Through integrations with these partners, Glue Home ensures that customers have access to a wide range of products and services delivered directly inside their homes. Couriers can securely unlock a customer’s home using Glue’s In-Home delivery app, ensuring a safe and reliable process.


Glue Home is revolutionizing the way we access our homes and receive deliveries. With their cutting-edge smart access technology, they are enhancing convenience, fostering trust, and optimizing resources. Say goodbye to missed deliveries and hello to a seamless and secure in-home delivery experience with Glue Home.





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