Startup Showcase: Global Shares – Empowering Companies and Employees with Equity Compensation Solutions

Simplifying Equity Compensation Management for Global Organizations

Welcome to the Startup Showcase featuring Global Shares, a pioneering startup based in Cork, Ireland. Global Shares specializes in providing comprehensive equity compensation software and management solutions to companies and their employees worldwide. With their innovative technology platform and team of qualified equity experts, Global Shares simplifies the complexities of equity compensation, empowering organizations to effectively manage their equity plans.

Streamlined Equity Compensation Management

Equity compensation can be a complex and time-consuming process for companies of all sizes. Global Shares recognizes this challenge and has developed a market-leading technology platform to streamline equity compensation management. Their fully in-house technology ensures a seamless and efficient experience for both companies and employees. By integrating robust software with personalized service from their team of experts, Global Shares delivers tailored equity compensation solutions to their clients globally.

Tailored Solutions for Companies at Every Stage

Global Shares caters to a wide range of companies, from fast-growing startups to global organizations, supporting them at every stage of their life cycle. Whether it’s a private company, a Fortune 100 corporation, or an FTSE 100 company, Global Shares offers bespoke equity compensation solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. With their expertise and global presence, Global Shares assists companies with share plans in multiple countries and tens of thousands of participants, ensuring compliance and efficiency across different jurisdictions.

Comprehensive Services for Global Equity Compensation

Global Shares provides a comprehensive suite of services to address the diverse needs of global equity compensation management. Their solutions encompass the administration of employee share plans, option plans, and equity-based incentives. From plan design and implementation to ongoing administration and reporting, Global Shares offers end-to-end support throughout the entire equity compensation lifecycle. Their robust technology platform enables companies to manage their equity programs with ease while ensuring transparency and compliance.

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Unrivaled Expertise and Global Reach

What sets Global Shares apart is not only their technology platform but also their team of qualified equity experts. With a deep understanding of equity compensation and its complexities, their experts provide unrivaled service and support to clients around the world. Global Shares operates offices in the US, South America, the UK, Ireland, Europe, and Asia, catering to the needs of companies operating across different regions and time zones. Their extensive global reach and local expertise enable them to deliver exceptional service to clients listed on various exchanges worldwide.


With Global Shares, companies can navigate the complexities of equity compensation with ease, ensuring efficient administration, compliance, and transparency. By empowering organizations and their employees with tailored solutions, Global Shares is revolutionizing the way companies manage their equity plans on a global scale.


Twitter: @globalshares

Facebook: globalshares

LinkedIn: global-shares

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