Startup Showcase: GAMMA AR – Revolutionizing Construction Site Management with Augmented Reality

Enhancing Efficiency and Precision in the Construction Industry

Welcome to the Startup Showcase featuring GAMMA AR, a Luxembourg-based startup that specializes in augmented reality (AR) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) for construction site management. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, GAMMA AR empowers construction site managers and craftsmen to streamline communication, detect errors, and monitor progress using AR overlays of 3D BIM models.

Transforming Construction Site Management with AR and BIM

GAMMA AR offers an innovative construction management software that integrates AR and BIM, transforming the way construction sites are managed. The application utilizes BIM data to overlay 3D models onto the physical construction site using AR technology on mobile devices. This enables construction site managers and craftsmen to visualize and monitor the construction process in real time, facilitating efficient communication and error detection.

Efficient Error Detection and Prevention

One of the key advantages of GAMMA AR’s solution is its ability to detect and prevent errors at early stages of the construction process. By overlaying the 3D BIM model onto the site, construction professionals can easily identify discrepancies and inconsistencies between the digital model and the physical construction. For example, missing openings in walls for piping can be identified and rectified before they become costly issues. The application allows users to mark errors and create annotations using text, photos, and voice recordings, ensuring clear and accurate communication among stakeholders.

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Automated Communication and Collaboration

GAMMA AR eliminates the need for manual communication between different stakeholders at various stages of the construction process. The software provides a centralized platform where all annotations and information can be accessed by relevant parties, promoting collaboration and streamlining workflows. The automated communication infrastructure saves time, reduces errors, and fosters efficient decision-making, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved project outcomes.

Beyond Construction: Facility Management and Visualization

GAMMA AR’s impact extends beyond the construction phase. The software continues to provide value after construction is completed by assisting facility managers in maintaining buildings. By offering visualization and communication infrastructure, GAMMA AR supports tasks such as identifying cables within walls for electricians or accessing vital information about building components. This post-construction functionality enhances facility management and ensures the longevity and optimal performance of buildings.

Seamless Project Management with GAMMA BIM PORTAL

GAMMA AR provides users with the GAMMA BIM PORTAL, a real-time project management platform that enables planners and project managers to access data and collaborate effectively. Through the portal, users can manage projects, distribute files, assign tasks with due dates and revision states, and seamlessly integrate with other solutions, further enhancing the efficiency and productivity of construction projects.


With GAMMA AR, the construction industry can embrace the power of augmented reality and BIM to enhance efficiency, precision, and collaboration on construction sites. By revolutionizing construction site management, GAMMA AR is driving positive change in the industry and helping construction professionals deliver projects with reduced costs, improved quality, and increased customer satisfaction.

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