Startup Showcase: Funifi – Revolutionizing Parenting with Gamified Task Management

As a parent, it can be challenging to keep your kids on track with their chores and responsibilities, while also keeping up with your own work and personal life. That’s where Funifi comes in. Funifi is a new mobile app that helps parents assign tasks to their children in a simple and effective way. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll take a closer look at how Funifi is revolutionizing family life with its innovative app.

Introducing Funifi

Funifi is a family first company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their goal is to make family life easier and more efficient by providing a secure online environment where parents can assign tasks to their kids and motivate them to get things done. The company is committed to helping families achieve clear communication and an honest approach to problem-solving. With Funifi, you can say goodbye to the hassle of managing chores and hello to a more productive and organised family.

The Funifi DO App

The Funifi DO app is the heart of the Funifi platform. It’s a free app that’s available on both iOS and Android. The app allows parents to assign tasks to their kids and track their progress in real-time. Kids can earn rewards for completing their tasks, and parents can also set up recurring tasks, so there’s no need to constantly remind their kids to do the same thing every day.

Child Psychologists and Teachers on Board

One of the most impressive things about Funifi is that the company has enlisted the help of child psychologists and teachers to create a platform that’s not only effective but also fun for kids. By working with experts in child development, Funifi has been able to create a system that motivates kids to take responsibility for their chores while also fostering a sense of independence and accomplishment.

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Data-Driven and Secure

Funifi is committed to providing its users with valuable data and professional advice. The company uses crowdsourced statistics and works with experts to ensure that the platform is both effective and safe for families to use. Funifi takes security seriously and has implemented strict security measures to protect users’ data.


Funifi is a game-changer for busy parents who want to make family life easier and more efficient. With the Funifi DO app, parents can assign tasks to their kids, track their progress, and reward them for their hard work. By enlisting the help of child psychologists and teachers, Funifi has created a platform that’s effective, safe, and fun for kids. If you’re a busy parent looking for a way to manage your family’s chores and responsibilities, Funifi is definitely worth checking out.





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