Startup Showcase: Fizimed – Empowering Women through Connected Medical Devices

Perineal muscle rehabilitation is a vital aspect of women’s health, especially after childbirth or surgery. But for many women, it can be a daunting and awkward experience. Fizimed, a French startup, is changing the game by developing connected medical devices that make perineal rehabilitation easy, fun, and empowering. In this Startup Showcase, we will explore how Fizimed is revolutionizing women’s health through technology.

The Future of Perineal Rehabilitation

Fizimed’s flagship product is EMY, a perineal probe that is connected to a mobile app and associated with custom exercises. The probe captures the contractions of the perineal muscles in real-time, allowing the patient to do exercises through fun games. The app also provides real-time feedback on the patient’s performance, allowing them to track their progress over time.

What sets EMY apart from other perineal probes is its focus on fun and engagement. Fizimed understands that perineal rehabilitation can be a daunting and awkward experience for many women, and they wanted to change that. By incorporating fun games and personalized exercises, EMY makes perineal rehabilitation a less daunting and more empowering experience for women.

Fighting Taboos with Technology

One of the biggest challenges in women’s health is the stigma surrounding certain health issues, such as urinary incontinence. Fizimed is committed to breaking down those taboos and empowering women to take control of their health. They have created an EMY community on social networks in which feminine hassles are put into images and discussed with humor, while talking about innovations that can simplify their daily lives. By opening up the conversation and creating a supportive community, Fizimed is helping women to feel more comfortable discussing and seeking treatment for their health issues.

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Innovation for Women’s Health

Fizimed is at the forefront of innovation in women’s health. Their mission is to develop innovative products that make a real difference in women’s lives. They are constantly researching and developing new technologies to improve the quality of life for women around the world. By combining medical expertise with cutting-edge technology, Fizimed is revolutionizing the way women approach perineal rehabilitation and other health issues.


Fizimed is a startup that is changing the game in women’s health. Their focus on connected medical devices and fun, engaging exercises is empowering women to take control of their health and break down taboos surrounding certain health issues. With their innovative products and commitment to improving women’s lives, Fizimed is a company to watch in the world of women’s health.





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