Startup Showcase: Fitpoints Galaxy – A Fitness Revolution with Rewards

Transforming Fitness Studios with Mobile, Social, and Gamification

In the vibrant city of Berlin, Germany, a visionary startup is taking the fitness industry by storm. Say hello to Fitpoints Galaxy, a company that empowers fitness studios to embrace the global trends of mobile, social, and gamification. Through tailored app solutions and a dynamic social fitness community, Fitpoints Galaxy is rewarding fitness enthusiasts like never before. In this Startup Showcase, we explore the innovative world of Fitpoints Galaxy, where fitness meets fun and rewards.

Redefining Fitness with Mobile and Gamification

Fitpoints Galaxy is at the forefront of the fitness industry’s evolution, where technology and gamification are driving engagement to new heights.

Tailored App Solutions: Fitpoints Galaxy offers fitness studios customized app solutions that cater to the needs of the modern fitness enthusiast. These apps replace traditional paper training plans, enhance member supervision, and seamlessly integrate with the FitShapr Community.

Social Fitness Community: FitShapr, a creation of Fitpoints Galaxy, is a vibrant sports and fitness community that rewards its members based on the calories burned during exercise. Members simply report their exercise results using various fitness apps, and Fitpoints Galaxy collects and tabulates the calories. These efforts are then rewarded with ShaprCoins, which can later be exchanged for real products, turning workouts into tangible rewards.

Fitpoints Galaxy’s Vision and Growth

Fitpoints Galaxy’s vision extends beyond just the fitness community. The company is set to launch two motivation apps that cater to fitness studio owners, nutrition coaches, consultants, and the international consumer market.

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FitPoints App: This all-in-one solution for fitness studio owners and their members eliminates the need for traditional paper training plans. It offers better member supervision, enhances engagement, and seamlessly connects with the FitShapr Community. FitPoints App is a game-changer for fitness studios looking to embrace modern technology.

ShapePoints App: Tracking calorie intake has never been easier or more accurate. ShapePoints App allows users to upload photos of their meals, and food experts estimate the calories. This approach ensures precision and eliminates the need for users to estimate calorie counts themselves. The ShapePoints System considers individual physical conditions and allows for result comparisons, enhancing the overall fitness experience.

Join the Fitness Revolution: FitShapr Community

Fitpoints Galaxy’s FitShapr Community is where the fitness revolution truly comes to life. Members can earn ShaprCoins through their fitness efforts and redeem them for real products, creating a rewarding and motivating ecosystem. It’s a space where fitness enthusiasts connect, challenge each other, and achieve their fitness goals while enjoying tangible rewards.

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