Startup Showcase: Fintecture – The Future of Bank-to-Bank Payments

Fintecture is a French startup that is changing the way we think about payments. As an authorized Payment Institution (ACPR-17248), Fintecture presents Pay by Bank, an immediate and secure bank-to-bank payment solution that allows merchants and businesses to bypass card ceilings, avoid illegitimate declined payments, and reduce transaction costs.

Revolutionizing Payment Solutions

Fintecture Pay by Bank is the first bank-to-bank instant payment solution in France, and it offers a range of benefits for merchants and businesses. By removing the need for card payments, Fintecture Pay by Bank allows businesses to significantly reduce their transaction costs, receive funds rapidly into their bank account, and reduce fraud by removing chargebacks.

With Fintecture Pay by Bank, businesses can enjoy greater security and protect their customers while making payments easy and adaptable to their needs. Whether it’s B2B payments, recurring payments, or Pay by Link, Fintecture Pay by Bank has a solution that fits.

Secure and Regulated Payments

As an authorized Payment Institution, Fintecture is under continuous control and supervision of the financial regulator, ensuring that all payments are secure and regulated. With Fintecture Pay by Bank, merchants and businesses can rest assured that their payments are being handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Fintecture Pay by Bank eliminates the need for card payments, which can be subject to fraud and chargebacks. By using a bank-to-bank payment solution, businesses can reduce the risk of fraud and chargebacks, protecting their customers and their bottom line.

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Fintecture is a French startup that is changing the way we think about payments. With their authorized Payment Institution status and innovative Pay by Bank solution, Fintecture is revolutionizing the payment industry. Their bank-to-bank payment solution offers a range of benefits for merchants and businesses, including lower transaction costs, greater security, and faster payments. Fintecture is a startup to watch in the future as they continue to lead the way in bank-to-bank payments.




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