Startup Showcase: FDX Fluid Dynamix – Revolutionizing Mixing Processes with Oscillating Jets

Berlin-based start-up FDX Fluid Dynamix is breaking new ground in fluidic technology by designing, developing, and commercializing fluidic devices using its proprietary fluidic oscillators technology platform. FDX’s flagship products are fluidic oscillators, which are small-scale devices that emit a high-velocity and high-frequency spatially oscillating jet that can improve mixing processes significantly. FDX Fluid Dynamix’s cutting-edge technology has a wide range of industrial applications and offers a high degree of precision and efficiency in fluidic mixing processes.

Revolutionary Technology for Fluidic Mixing

Fluidic oscillators are at the core of FDX Fluid Dynamix’s innovation, and they are revolutionizing fluidic mixing. These devices can impart an oscillation movement to a fluid flow at extremely high frequencies (up to 20 kHz), which results in a significant improvement in mixing processes. The fluidic oscillators work by emitting an oscillating jet that entrains the surrounding fluid into the mixing process, resulting in a homogenous mixture. This mixing technology has enormous potential across various industries, including combustion, automotive, process engineering, and many more.

Industry Applications

FDX Fluid Dynamix is currently focused on the automotive industry due to the founders’ roots in combustion engineering. The fluidic oscillators have the potential to be used in several applications in the automotive industry, including fuel injection systems, exhaust gas recirculation, and catalytic converters, among others. The oscillators can improve mixing processes in these applications, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced emissions. FDX Fluid Dynamix is also actively developing fluidic oscillators for applications in process engineering, such as mixing tanks, reactors, and wastewater treatment plants, where they can significantly improve mixing processes.

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Collaboration with Strategic Partners

FDX Fluid Dynamix is a start-up with a strategic vision for the future. The company plans to collaborate with strategic partners from selected markets to produce and market its fluidic oscillators. The company is confident that its technology has enormous potential across multiple industries, and it is already in discussions with potential partners from several industries. FDX Fluid Dynamix is also focused on developing new devices and improving its existing technology to meet the specific needs of its clients.


FDX Fluid Dynamix is an exciting start-up with cutting-edge technology that has the potential to revolutionize fluidic mixing processes. The company’s fluidic oscillators have enormous potential across various industries, and FDX Fluid Dynamix is well-positioned to collaborate with strategic partners to commercialize its products. FDX Fluid Dynamix is a perfect example of a start-up that is leveraging technology to create innovative solutions to real-world problems.





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