Startup Showcase: Eximia – Pioneering RFID Solutions for a Connected World

Transforming Industries with Cutting-Edge RFID Technology

In the dynamic world of technology, a beacon of innovation is shining brightly. Welcome to the world of Eximia, the RFID trailblazer based in Milan, Italy. This startup showcase unveils Eximia’s journey as a frontrunner in RFID technology-based solutions, the transformative impact it’s making across industries, and the futuristic possibilities it’s opening up.

The RFID Revolution Unleashed

Eximia is not just a company; it’s a pioneer at the forefront of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Founded in 2003, Eximia has cemented itself as a go-to partner for comprehensive RFID solutions. Its expertise spans the entire value chain, offering specialized consulting, feasibility studies, RFID hardware and software products, and the seamless implementation of turnkey RFID solutions.

Eximia’s Distinctive Edge

Eximia’s competitive edge lies in its complete focus on RFID technologies. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, the company has cultivated strong relationships with leading global RFID hardware manufacturers, creating a unique track record of successful long-term operative RFID solutions for prominent organizations. The Eximia RFId Lab serves as a hub for research and testing, allowing them to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Transformative RFID Solutions for Diverse Applications

Eximia’s visionary solutions encompass a range of applications that redefine industries:

MeerKat: The Ultimate Visualization and Monitoring Platform

Eximia’s MeerKat platform is a game-changer in visualization, monitoring, and control. By integrating various RFID technologies, sensors, and communication tools, MeerKat empowers businesses with real-time localization, tracking of people, objects, and vehicles. From enhancing safety and security to optimizing production control and supply management, MeerKat transforms how organizations operate.

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Spider: Elevated Person and Object Tracking

Spider, Eximia’s offering for person and object tracking, reimagines event management and safety. Perfect for conferences, exhibitions, and large gatherings, Spider enables hands-free detection and tracking of individuals and groups. This technology also finds application in visitor control and tracking within buildings for enhanced security and safety.

eRAM: RFID Asset Management Mastery

Eximia’s eRAM solution is a game-changer in asset management. From inventories to stock control and asset movement tracking, eRAM harnesses the power of RFID to streamline operations, reduce errors, and boost efficiency.

Eagle: Revolutionizing Logistics and Production Control

Eagle, Eximia’s logistics and production control solution, brings integration and efficiency to supply chains. By seamlessly utilizing RFID technology, Eagle transforms logistics management and offers real-time insights for better decision-making.


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