Startup Showcase: evway by Route220 – Empowering Electric Mobility with Innovative Solutions

In this captivating startup showcase, we dive into the world of evway by Route220, an innovative startup dedicated to providing a comprehensive service for electric vehicle (EV) drivers. Join us as we explore how evway is revolutionizing the EV charging experience, promoting sustainable mobility, and fostering a network of interoperable charging stations across Europe.

Pioneering Electric Mobility Solutions

evway by Route220 emerged in 2014 as a pioneering startup with a vision to revolutionize the EV driving experience. Recognizing the need for a complete service that enhances charging efficiency and promotes business and tourism facilities supporting sustainable mobility, evway set out to develop a comprehensive solution for EV drivers.

The Power of evway App

At the heart of evway’s offerings is the evway App, a powerful tool developed by Route220. The app provides EV drivers with an interactive mapping of all charging stations in Italy and Europe, enabling users to easily locate and access the charging infrastructure they need. Alongside the charging station map, the app also features nearby points of interest and facilities, transforming the EV charging experience into an opportunity to explore and discover new places.

Interoperability for Seamless Charging

evway is not just limited to its own network of charging stations. It is the first Italian network that is interoperable with other European networks, allowing EV drivers to access charging stations from various networks using the evway App or other compatible European apps. With over 420.000 charging points across Europe, EV drivers can conveniently manage their charging sessions, making the most of their time on the road and turning charging breaks into memorable experiences.

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An Expanding European Network

evway has rapidly grown into a dynamic and innovative European network, continuously expanding its reach and impact. With over 420.000 charging points throughout Europe and more than 90,000 points that can be activated using the evway App or KeyHanger, EV drivers have a wide array of options to choose from. In Italy alone, evway has installed over 330 charging points, making sustainable mobility accessible and convenient. With over 80.000 app downloads and a user base of 750,000 throughout Europe, evway is making significant strides in transforming the electric mobility landscape.


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