Startup Showcase: EvoAId – Advancing Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

Developing machine learning applications to improve safety, health, and work

EvoAId is a Hungarian startup that specializes in the development of machine learning applications that help humans and offer unique solutions in the field of safety, health, and work. Their goal is to make everyday devices more effective and human-centered by integrating artificial intelligence to improve people’s lives.

Guarding Beats: The Worldwide Unique Personal Security Application

One of EvoAId’s flagship solutions is Guarding Beats, a personal security application that makes alerting possible without manual intervention. The application can be activated with a gesture or fall recognition, even with the phone in the pocket. No wearable device is required, just the smartphone. Guarding Beats is a unique solution worldwide, providing unparalleled personal security for individuals who may feel unsafe in certain situations.

Caring Signal: Artificial Intelligence-Based Security and Remote Care Solution

EvoAId’s Caring Signal is an artificial intelligence-based security and remote care solution that helps the elderly and people with disabilities communicate effectively in emergencies, regardless of whether they are awake or asleep. The application utilizes AI technology to offer a personalized and tailored response to the user’s needs, providing peace of mind to both the user and their caregivers.

Welding Wave: Deep Neural Network-Based Welding Quality Support System

EvoAId’s Welding Wave is a deep neural network-based welding quality support system designed to detect and classify the most common types of welding defects. The system is user-friendly and can be easily integrated into the workflow of welding professionals, providing real-time feedback on the quality of their work. Welding Wave helps to improve the overall quality of welding work and can save time and money by detecting defects early in the process.

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Advancing Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

EvoAId is at the forefront of advancing human-centered artificial intelligence, with a focus on developing machine learning applications that help humans and improve their lives. Their solutions are unique and innovative, offering unparalleled personal security, remote care, and quality support systems for professionals. The team is passionate about using their expertise in machine learning to develop intelligent technology that makes a positive impact on society.


EvoAId is a promising startup that is making a significant contribution to the development of artificial intelligence in Hungary and beyond. With their unique solutions and innovative approach, they are poised for success in the ever-evolving field of AI technology.




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