Startup Showcase: Esportal Group – Bridging Digital & Physical Esports

Revolutionizing the Esports Realm through Seamless Gaming Integration

In today’s edition of’ Startup Showcase, we spotlight Esportal Group, an exciting and fast-growing startup based in Stockholm, Sweden. As a web-based e-sports platform, Esportal is making waves in the esports world by integrating top gaming titles and bringing a transformative gaming experience to the rapidly growing esports audience, both online and offline.

Esportal: Elevating the Gaming Experience

At the heart of Esportal Group’s innovation lies Esportal, a digital platform tailored for esports matchmaking and tournaments. This platform breathes life into major esports titles by improving the gaming experience and eliminating disruptions such as disconnections, cheaters, and trolls.

Esportal’s seamless integration with games allows players of all skill levels to find their place in the esports world, socialize with friends, and instantly access updated statistics. The aim is to provide an engaging environment for esports enthusiasts, building an esports community that’s inclusive, interactive, and immersive.

Inferno Online: The Iconic Gaming Centre

Esportal Group’s acquisition of Inferno Online in 2017 marked a significant milestone in their journey. Inferno Online, the world’s largest gaming centre and a revered institution in the esports world, has multiple gaming and esports centres that offer a physical space for players to connect and compete.

Esportal and Inferno Online operate independently but exist in symbiosis, establishing Esportal Group as a unique entity that creates exceptional gaming experiences both online and offline. The merger of the digital and physical realms has paved the way for enhanced tournaments and events, offering an unmatched experience in the global esports community.

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A Powerful Business Model: Combining Digital and Physical

Esportal Group’s unique business model, combining digital and physical arenas, attracts both players and commercial partners eager to connect with the esports community. Their digital platform, Esportal, operates on a freemium model, providing multiple subscription-based services and features.

Moreover, they offer opportunities for brands to reach the rapidly growing global esports community through advertising and sponsored tournaments. The physical arm, Inferno Online, generates revenue from sponsorships, tournaments, computer rentals, food, and beverage.

This innovative combination creates a positive feedback loop where more players draw in more commercial partners, leading to a further influx of players. Currently, Esportal Group is involved in multiple partnerships with leading multinational brands for in-game marketing, advertising, and brand-building events.

In conclusion, Esportal Group is at the forefront of revolutionizing the esports industry with its unique blend of digital and physical experiences. As they continue to bridge these realms and build state-of-the-art experiences, Esportal Group is undoubtedly setting the pace for the future of esports.

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