Startup Showcase: Ekkono Solutions – Enabling Machine Learning for IoT

Ekkono Solutions is a Swedish startup that provides machine learning solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. The company’s machine learning algorithms take IoT from connected to smart by enabling devices to learn the normal state and behavior of connected things. This allows for the detection of anomalies, attribution of performance impact, prediction of future events, and even simulation of what-if scenarios. Ekkono Solutions’ unique approach to machine learning for IoT is the result of seven years of research at the University of Borås in Sweden.

Transforming IoT with Machine Learning

The IoT industry is rapidly expanding, with billions of devices connected to the internet. However, with so many devices generating vast amounts of data, it can be challenging to extract actionable insights. Ekkono Solutions is addressing this challenge by providing machine learning solutions that enable devices to become smart, autonomously adapting to changing conditions and optimizing performance.

Ekkono Solutions’ machine learning algorithms are designed to operate at the edge of the network, on the actual device. This approach allows for real-time processing of data, reducing network load and enabling instant actions based on the normal condition of each device. Ekkono Solutions’ algorithms are also highly scalable, making it easy to manage the flood of data generated by an increasing number of sensors and devices.

Proactive Maintenance and Operational Optimization

Ekkono Solutions’ machine learning algorithms are being used for a range of applications, including proactive maintenance and operational optimization. By analyzing data from connected devices, Ekkono Solutions is able to identify potential issues before they become major problems, enabling proactive maintenance and reducing downtime. The company’s algorithms can also be used to optimize performance, identifying patterns and anomalies that can be used to fine-tune device settings and improve overall efficiency.

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Making Products More Intuitive

Ekkono Solutions’ machine learning algorithms are also being used to make products more intuitive. By analyzing data from sensors and devices, Ekkono Solutions is able to identify patterns and behavior that can be used to predict user behavior and preferences. This can be used to personalize products and make them more intuitive and user-friendly.


Ekkono Solutions is a Swedish startup that is transforming the IoT industry with its machine learning algorithms. By enabling devices to become smart and autonomously adapting to changing conditions, Ekkono Solutions is helping to optimize performance, reduce downtime, and make products more intuitive. With its unique approach to machine learning for IoT, Ekkono Solutions is a startup to watch as the IoT industry continues to grow and evolve.





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