Startup Showcase: eDolly—Revolutionizing Virtual Fitting Rooms

The Future of Fashion Shopping: A Blend of Technology and Convenience

Welcome to another Startup Showcase feature at! Today, we shine the spotlight on eDolly, a Netherlands-based startup that’s innovating the way we shop for clothes online and in physical stores through a patent-pending virtual fitting room technology.

Redefining the Fitting Room Experience

“Does this outfit look good on me?” That’s the universal question every fashion consumer has. Unfortunately, this question often goes unanswered when shopping online, resulting in poor fit choices and costly returns for both consumers and retailers. Enter eDolly—a startup aiming to solve this fashion puzzle with its virtual fitting rooms. Located in shopping centers and high-traffic locations throughout the Netherlands (and hopefully soon, beyond), eDolly Scanbooths enable consumers to quickly scan their body profiles via smartphones and webcams. This data is then secured in individual profiles that can be used across various fashion retailers.

Real Benefits: For Consumers and Retailers Alike

For shoppers, eDolly offers the convenience of receiving accurate, tailored fashion advice on how clothes will fit and look on their body. This feature extends to both online and offline shopping, ensuring you’re just a login away from personalized fashion advice whether you’re browsing on your laptop, tablet, or walking into a physical store.

But eDolly’s ingenuity doesn’t stop at consumer convenience; it also has tangible benefits for retailers. By offering a solution that helps shoppers make more informed decisions, eDolly effectively lowers the number of returns—a significant burden on the fashion industry. The startup’s data-driven approach also has the potential to increase conversion rates and customer loyalty.

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Not Just a Startup, A Future-Ready Partner

eDolly is not just focusing on immediate sales figures and profit. They are keen on understanding how customers interact with brands today and in the future. Their roadmap indicates plans to evolve as the most reliable long-term partner for all companies involved in apparel and fashion, paving the way for the future of the industry. And for those looking to invest in a groundbreaking venture, eDolly is open for investments, promising more than just immediate returns but a stake in the future of fashion shopping.

The startup’s vision extends beyond immediate sales metrics; it is shaping an entire ecosystem around fashion shopping. With its blend of high technology, customer experience, and retailer benefits, eDolly aims to make the retail environment future-ready. As they aptly put it, they are more than just a virtual fitting room; they are your “Fit ID.”

To learn more about eDolly, visit their official channels and become a part of the future of fashion shopping:

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