Startup Showcase: EDAQS – Pioneering Precision Through Digital Innovation

Crafting Solutions with the Power of Electronic and Digital Automated Quantification Systems

Prepare to embark on a journey into the realm of precision, innovation, and transformative technology as we introduce you to EDAQS. As a dynamic high-tech startup, EDAQS has emerged as a beacon of change, leveraging the magic of Electronic and Digital Automated Quantification Systems to unravel solutions for the world’s most complex problems.

Revolutionizing Problem-Solving with Hi-Tech Ingenuity

Headquartered in the thriving city of Vienna, Austria, EDAQS stands at the forefront of pioneering solutions for diverse industries. The company’s foundation rests upon the convergence of automated computational systems, advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), and a relentless commitment to transparency.

The Nexus of Accuracy and Innovation

Innovating Transparency Through AI

EDAQS was born out of a steadfast commitment to augment transparency and precision in the digital era. Established in 2008 by a visionary team of finance experts and economists, EDAQS quickly garnered attention from global institutions, industry leaders, and governments alike. The core premise was simple yet revolutionary: merging the accuracy of automated computational systems with the agility of AI to provide unparalleled solutions.

Custom-Crafted Systems for Global Impact

EDAQS takes pride in its roster of over 60 meticulously designed systems, each calibrated with scientific precision and AI sophistication. These systems serve as beacons of innovation, addressing challenges across industries and sectors, from finance and economics to healthcare and beyond. EDAQS’ approach combines scientific computation with cutting-edge AI, redefining problem-solving paradigms in an increasingly complex world.

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A Global Network of Expertise and Impact

Collaboration Without Boundaries

Spanning the globe, EDAQS operates from strategic locations including Hamburg, Vienna, Mumbai, New York, and Bratislava. The company boasts an international team of experts, led by distinguished scientists and analysts, who work in tandem with data specialists and industry veterans to create and fine-tune each EDAQS system.

Empowering Non-Profits and Commercial Entities Alike

EDAQS extends its transformative solutions to both non-profit organizations and commercial entities. In doing so, the company propels its mission of creating global transparency, endorsing initiatives that champion openness and accountability, such as the acclaimed Transparency International.


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