Startup Showcase: eclipso Mail & Cloud, Europe’s Security Fortress

Guarding data with a European touch in the digital age

eclipso Mail & Cloud: Your Trusted Partner for Data Security

eclipso Mail & Cloud, a forward-thinking startup nestled in Bayreuth, Germany, is driving change in the digital space. It provides a comprehensive cloud-based, GDPR compliant Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) solution that puts security, data protection, and customer-orientation at its core. As an independent brand for cloud and communication solutions, eclipso has quickly established itself as the go-to platform for individuals and organizations that prioritize data safety.

Security & Transparency: eclipso’s Key Differentiators

In a world that increasingly values data protection and transparency, eclipso has perfectly positioned itself as a trustworthy player in the industry. Its services focus on communication, organization, and identity management, with a strong emphasis on data security. eclipso’s pricing model is sophisticated and honest, with its primary goal to offer practical applications while ensuring customer’s trust. With its own platforms, eclipso mainly focuses on the German-speaking countries (DACH) – Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, providing services under country-specific domains.

International Reach, Local Sensibility

For its international customers, eclipso also provides an English platform, thus ensuring that its cutting-edge services are accessible to a broader audience. This commitment to customer-centricity is a core part of eclipso’s mission. Being a Germany-based company, eclipso has the advantage of combining stringent European data protection regulations with its unique understanding of the international data security landscape.

Responsible & Sustainable

eclipso is not just a tech company; it’s a responsible organization with a strong commitment to sustainable business practices. As an email provider and cloud and communications services provider, it is fully aware of its responsibility towards the environment. In line with this commitment, its server systems and data centers run exclusively on 100% green eco-power. This allows customers to protect their data while also protecting the environment.

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eclipso Mail & Cloud represents the intersection of security, transparency, customer-centricity, and sustainability. As digitalization accelerates, and as data security becomes even more paramount, eclipso stands ready to provide a trusted, secure, and innovative solution for its customers. With a firm focus on its mission, eclipso is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory and emerge as a leading player in the European data security market.





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