Startup Showcase: Dynaccurate—Pioneering AI for Medical Terminology

Unscrambling the Lexicon of Health and Life Sciences with Artificial Intelligence

Welcome back to another installment of’ Startup Showcase! Today, we’re focusing on Dynaccurate, a Luxembourg-based startup that is solving the monumental issue of medical code and terminology management through AI-driven semantic interoperability.

Tackling the Manual Overhead in Health Terminology

For those not in the know, managing the frequent changes in medical codes, clinical terminologies, and controlled vocabularies in the health and life sciences sectors is a huge task. It traditionally requires massive amounts of manual reconciliation and time. Enter Dynaccurate, a startup launched in May 2021, with an AI solution that trims this cumbersome manual process down from months to mere days.

The sophisticated algorithm at the core of Dynaccurate’s platform was developed over several years and can tackle a multitude of tasks, from managing large-scale knowledge graphs in drug research to updating codes in Electronic Patient Records. This offers significant benefits, not just in the medical field but also in areas like translation, public administration, and even security & defence.

Why Semantic Interoperability Matters

Semantic interoperability goes beyond the basic communication between two different systems—it ensures that the precise meaning of exchanged information is understandable by any other system. This is crucial for the health and life sciences industries, which use specific clinical terminologies, such as SNOMED, ICD, and MedDRA, as well as extracts from regulatory databases.

Dynaccurate serves as a ‘semantic layer’ for health data warehouses, allowing for the efficient management of health ontologies like medical procedure catalogues. As health records age and codes become outdated, Dynaccurate can provide current, equivalent terms to overlay on the records, offering seamless continuity across all data.

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Beyond Healthcare: The Multifaceted Applications

While Dynaccurate has a core focus on healthcare, its capabilities don’t stop there. The platform can also be employed in non-clinical settings, such as managing controlled vocabularies in translation services, public administration, and security & defence sectors. These functionalities indicate that the startup’s AI technology has broader applications, potentially making it a valuable tool for various industries in need of semantic reconciliation.

In Conclusion

Dynaccurate is clearly more than just another startup. It’s an innovator setting the stage for how semantic interoperability could and should work in the modern world. By drastically reducing the time and manual effort needed for updating and managing medical codes and clinical terminologies, Dynaccurate is setting a new benchmark in health tech and beyond.

For more information on Dynaccurate, you can follow them on their website and LinkedIn:

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