Startup Showcase: DriveQuant – Revolutionizing Driving Data Analysis Services

DriveQuant is a Paris-based startup that specializes in driving data analysis services using physical models and mathematical optimization tools. The company’s mission is to collect, analyze, and add value to data from connected vehicles and drivers to create new services that not only establish a dialogue with drivers but also engage them. DriveQuant’s services are designed for various players in the automotive and mobility sectors, including insurance firms, fleet administrators, distribution and maintenance networks, manufacturers, rental companies, and mobility service providers.

With its innovative solutions, DriveQuant has become a leader in the driving data analysis market. In this startup showcase, we will explore how DriveQuant has revolutionized the way driving data is analyzed and the impact it has on the automotive industry.

Driving Data Analysis: A Game-Changing Service

DriveQuant’s driving data analysis services are based on physical models and mathematical optimization tools, making it possible to gauge fuel consumption, environmental impact, and optimize driver safety. The company uses smartphones or any connected device to transform cars into smart vehicles that can analyze and improve driving. By collecting and analyzing data from connected vehicles, DriveQuant can provide a wide range of services to its customers.

Optimizing Driver Safety

DriveQuant’s services can help optimize driver safety by analyzing driving behavior and identifying risky driving patterns. This information can be used to improve driver training programs, develop driver scoring systems, and even reduce accident rates. The company’s innovative approach to driver safety has already caught the attention of leading insurance companies in France, who have partnered with DriveQuant to offer new and innovative services to their customers.

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Predictive Vehicle Maintenance

Another innovative service offered by DriveQuant is predictive vehicle maintenance. By collecting data on vehicle usage and performance, DriveQuant can identify potential maintenance issues before they become major problems. This can help reduce downtime, improve vehicle performance, and ultimately save money for the customer.

Environmental Impact and Fuel Consumption

DriveQuant’s services can also help reduce the environmental impact of driving. By analyzing driving behavior and identifying areas for improvement, DriveQuant can help drivers reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. This information can be used by fleet administrators and rental companies to optimize their operations and reduce their carbon footprint.

The DriveQuant Story: From Research to a Leading Startup

DriveQuant was founded in February 2017 after several years of research and development within the IFP Energies Nouvelles (IFPEN), a major French player in the field of energy, transport, and environment-related research and training. As a subsidiary of IFPEN, DriveQuant still benefits from R&D support provided by the latter to deliver the best driving analysis services possible. Since its inception, DriveQuant has become a leader in the driving data analysis market, and its innovative services have caught the attention of industry players across Europe.


DriveQuant is a driving data analysis startup that is revolutionizing the automotive industry. Its services based on physical models and mathematical optimization tools provide a wide range of benefits for customers in the automotive and mobility sectors. By analyzing driving behavior, identifying risky driving patterns, predicting vehicle maintenance, and reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions, DriveQuant is helping to improve driver safety, reduce costs, and protect the environment. As a subsidiary of IFPEN, DriveQuant benefits from the R&D support needed to develop innovative solutions and continue to lead the driving data analysis market.

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