Startup Showcase: Dotsoft – Revolutionizing Connected Trade on One Platform

Unlocking the power of connected trade has been a challenge in the retail world, but Dotsoft is here to change the game. This innovative startup offers the best Connected Trade platform, enabling retailers to manage customer relationships in real-time and provide an exceptional purchasing experience. Join us as we delve into the world of Dotsoft, the leading actor in revolutionizing retail relationships and delivering a seamless Connected Commerce experience.

Transforming Customer Relationships: Introducing Dotsoft

Dotsoft was founded in 2003 with a clear vision: to reinvent customer relationships in the retail industry. Recognizing the need for real-time management and a holistic approach, Dotsoft set out to create the first multichannel platform based on SAAS technologies. With this groundbreaking approach, Dotsoft quickly became the most innovative publisher in the market, earning the trust of prestigious brands such as Botanic, Bricorama, Catimini, and Conforama.

The Leading Actor in Connected Commerce

Dotsoft’s innovative approach has solidified its position as the leading actor in the Connected Commerce space. With their DS Smart Commerce for Retail offering, Dotsoft empowers brands to leverage the latest technological advancements in cloud computing, mobile solutions, and social networking. By adopting the Connected Commerce platform, retailers can revolutionize their sales strategies, enhance customer relationships, and optimize marketing efforts. Dotsoft provides brands with the tools they need to deliver a unique and coherent experience to every customer, regardless of the channel they engage with.

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Seamless Cloud-Based Solutions

Dotsoft takes full advantage of the cloud computing capabilities provided by Microsoft Azure. By offering their Connected Commerce platform directly in the cloud, Dotsoft ensures a seamless and scalable solution for retailers. This cloud-based approach allows brands to easily access and leverage the latest technological innovations without the burden of maintaining on-premises infrastructure. With Dotsoft’s cloud platform, retailers can focus on enhancing their customer experience and driving business growth.

Empowering Retailers for Success

Dotsoft’s mission is to empower retailers to thrive in the evolving retail landscape. By providing a comprehensive Connected Commerce platform, Dotsoft equips brands with the tools to optimize their sales, customer relationships, and marketing strategies. The platform enables retailers to manage all points of contact in real-time, resulting in a superior purchasing experience for consumers. Dotsoft’s solution bridges the gap between physical stores and online channels, creating a seamless and consistent journey for customers, ultimately driving sales and brand loyalty.


Dotsoft is revolutionizing the retail industry with its Connected Commerce platform, empowering brands to transform customer relationships and deliver exceptional purchasing experiences. As the leading actor in the market, Dotsoft’s cloud-based solution, built on SAAS technologies, enables retailers to optimize sales, customer relationships, and marketing efforts. By embracing the power of connected trade, Dotsoft is paving the way for a seamless and coherent customer journey, irrespective of the channel.




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