Startup Showcase: Digital Artflow – Revolutionizing Product Configurator Tools and Ecommerce

Digital Artflow is a Romanian-based software development company that provides customized web development services. Founded in 2008, the company is specialized in developing web-based applications, such as product configurator tools, virtual and augmented reality solutions, ecommerce websites, and enterprise and mobile applications.

Innovative and Specialized Web Development

Digital Artflow has over a decade of experience in creating complex web applications involving 2D and 3D visualization for lead generation, sales, and conversion rates improvement. The company’s unique expertise in WebGL-driven applications such as product configurator tools, virtual and augmented reality solutions, and ecommerce has helped it to stand out in the industry.

The company’s development process is centered around the clients’ needs and preferences. They provide tailor-made solutions that meet their clients’ specific requirements, from small businesses to large enterprises. They have worked with clients from various industries such as furniture manufacturing, automotive, and cosmetics.

Digital Artflow offers complete web design and development services. The company has an expert team of web developers, designers, and QA specialists who work together to provide their clients with unique and efficient web solutions. Their services also include enterprise application development, mobile application development, and ecommerce website development.

InnoPlanner – Complete Online Interior Design Software

Digital Artflow has developed a suite of pre-built software solutions. One of their notable software solutions is InnoPlanner, a complete online interior design software built for designers, architects, retailers, and manufacturers. InnoPlanner provides a user-friendly interface and allows users to create, configure, and visualize interior design projects in 2D and 3D. The software includes a vast catalog of furniture, materials, and textures, allowing users to create a virtual representation of a client’s room with ease.

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Simplio3D – Web-Based Product Configurator

Simplio3D is another pre-built software solution that Digital Artflow offers. It is a web-based product configurator, built to quickly deploy to a website and begin engaging users to interact with customizable products. Simplio3D is user-friendly and allows users to customize their product in real-time. The software also includes a pricing engine, which calculates the cost of the configured product. This software is perfect for businesses that offer customizable products.

WardrobeCPQ – Wardrobe Design and Quotation Software

Digital Artflow’s WardrobeCPQ is a complete wardrobe design and quotation software designed for consultants. It provides consultants with an intuitive tool to design custom wardrobes, closets, and storage solutions for their clients. The software allows users to configure the wardrobe’s dimensions, colors, materials, and accessories. The software includes a pricing engine, which provides a detailed quotation for the configured wardrobe.


Digital Artflow is revolutionizing the web development industry with its innovative and specialized solutions. Its pre-built software solutions, such as InnoPlanner, Simplio3D, and WardrobeCPQ, are unique and efficient, providing businesses with an edge in their respective industries. Their team’s expertise in WebGL-driven applications, virtual and augmented reality solutions, and ecommerce has made them one of the leading web development companies in the market.





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